Pornpetch Wichitcholchai

5 Jul 2017
90 members of the junta-appointed National Legislative Assembly (NLA) face dismissal for breaching the constitution, according to the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT).    On 4 July 2017, the ECT initiated an investigation into 90 members of the NLA over alleged conflict of interest in their stock holdings. If found guilty, they will be dismissed for breaching the 2017 Constitution.
29 Nov 2016
Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn on Tuesday became the new monarch of Thailand, succeeding his father King Bhumibol who died seven weeks ago at 88.   Ending nearly two months of royal interregnum, the prince assumed the kingship as the 10th King of his dynasty just three days before a public holiday commemorating the birth of his late father, who was widely revered as a national father figure.
12 Oct 2016
The appointment of more senior soldiers to the junta’s rubber-stamp parliament was necessary to maintain national peace and order even though they have neither legislative experience nor legal knowledge, according to the junta’s chief legislator.
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