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27 Dec 2017
A public prosecutor has halted an attempt by the authorities to prosecute a villager who peacefully protested against a potash mining project in Sakon Nakhon, part of a long history of suppressing opposition to mining projects in rural Thailand.     On 21 December 2017, a public prosecutor at Sawang Daen Din Provincial Court decided not to indict Achittaphon Khukasang, a member of Wanon Niwat Environmental Conservation Group, for violating the Public Assembly Act.    According to
28 Mar 2017
The police have accused a villager in Sakon Nakhon of breaching the Public Assembly Act for participating in an anti-potash mining event.   On 27 March 2017, Satanon Chuenta, a member of the Wanon Niwat Environmental Conservation Group, reported to Wanon Niwat District Police Station in the northeastern province of Sakon Nakhon.
27 Sep 2016
More than 500 villagers in northeastern Thailand have gathered to oppose a potash mine, saying the mine operator bypassed the Environmental Impact Assessment process.     On 25 September 2016, over 500 villagers from Wanon Niwat District, Sakon Nakhon Province, gathered at the District Office to oppose a local potash mining project.
22 Apr 2016
Soldiers in the northeastern (Isan) province of Udon Thani are intimidating anti-mine activists ahead of a planned forum on the environmental effects of a potash mine.  
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