Prajin Juntong

2016-10-28 16:48
The application Line will cooperate with the Thai junta to suppress lèse majesté content during the period of national mourning for the late King, claims Thailand’s Digital Minister.
2016-10-20 20:29
Thailand’s Digital Ministry has increased its staff at an online surveillance centre tasked with searching for lèse majesté content as the country mourns its late King.
2015-06-26 07:35
Military claim ‘vicious harassment’, appeal to NHRC The military junta who have taken total control of Thailand have started to make public complaints of political harassment, claiming that ‘unscrupulous opposition forces’ are mounting relentless attacks that leave them humiliated, frustrated and barely able to administer the country.
2015-01-12 15:47
The Transport Ministry has urged low cost airlines not to cut air fares too low after tour bus operators complained that they have lost a significant number of customers.   The move came after tour bus operators complained in December 2014 that they were losing customers to low cost airlines and urged the Ministry to do something.    Transport Minister Air Chief Marshall Prajin Juntong told reporters on Friday that the Ministry will ask low-cost airline operators not to reduce airfares so much that it affects other transportation busi
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