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7 Apr 2011
With rumours swirling of yet another military coup in the pipeline, along with calls from the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) for a government that is selected by the palace, one can't help but wonder why so many Thais continue to be so fond of instant political gratification.
27 Mar 2011
Most red shirts still oppose congress headed by Prawase and Anand despite claim of 'transcending political divide' The three-day National Reform Congress concluded yesterday with its chairman Prawase Wasi boasting that the meeting, which drew some 2,000 participants, "transcended" political division and "united" people from all walks.
23 Mar 2011
It is hard not to become depressed and sad following the news of the natural calamity unfolding in Japan, with the earthquake, tsunami, the possible nuclear meltdown and heavy loss of life. Heartbreaking images keep flooding the media, laying bare the vicissitudes of life as the expected death toll rises towards 20,000.
9 Mar 2011
Democracy is perhaps one of the most overused, abused and confusing terms in Thai politics. Coup-makers, corrupt politicians, ultra-royalists, die-hard supporters of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, vote buyers and sellers as well as the autocrats all claim that they're committed to democracy.
8 Mar 2011
Democratic Alliance Against Dictatorship (DAAD) co-leader Weng Tojirakarn was recently released on bail after nine months in jail on charges of terrorism after the red-shirt uprising last year ended in a deadly crackdown on May 19. Here, Weng speaks to The Nation's Pravit Rojanaphruk about his time in prison, politics and internal divisions within the red-shirt movement.
5 Mar 2011
Middle class and well educated Thais will be in for less shock and better equipped to handle political change if they do not cling on to the "tales" of rural folks being politically naive, of all Thais loving one another and coexisting in harmony under a benign father figure, said Thammasat University political scientist Prajak Kongkirati.
28 Feb 2011
The mainstream Thai mass media faces a complex set of challenges ranging from legal barriers and political bias to other internal problems that prevent it from protecting the public interest and advancing freedom and democracy, Thailand's first Asian Media Barometer report has found.
14 Feb 2011
Prejudice against Cambodians is bubbling as border clashes continue sporadically and villagers flee back and forth. While some national media are quick to cast Cambodians as people not to be trusted, locals in Si Sa Ket have a more complex view of their neighbours. This doesn't stop some national papers espousing archetypal bias towards Cambodians, though such popular misconceptions may backfire and hinder mending ties between the people of the two nations well into the future.
9 Feb 2011
Both Thai and Cambodian leaders may say it was the other party that started the military intrusion into their territory, which led to death and injuries over the past few days. But the casualties were truly needless. This is not a time for Thais to unquestioningly unite behind their leaders but a time for calm, inquiry, scepticism and firm denunciation of war, no matter which side actually started it.
9 Feb 2011
Holding on to narrow nationalism means Thais have no recognition of how "terrorising Thailand were to Cambodia" over the centuries, said noted historian Benedict Anderson, a renowned expert of Southeast Asian history, just hours before the two kingdoms found themselves in a deadly military clash again on Friday.
27 Jan 2011
Unable to break the cycle of violence and ignorance caused by ultra-nationalism, many Thais appear trapped, as melodramatic tragedy in the three provinces of the deep South unfolds yet again.
19 Jan 2011
With WikiLeaks cables continuing to cause reverberations around the world, the website's Bangkok-based international advisory board member, C J Hinke, answers questions put to him by The Nation's Pravit Rojanaphruk about the impact the leaks have had domestically and internationally. Excerpts:


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