Pravit Rojanaphruk

15 May 2013
The past two weeks have been rather sobering for those who think Thailand has already risen above misogyny. It has not. People of both sides of the political divide have given us clear evidence, which, if looked at "positively", reminds us of the challenges that lie ahead.
3 May 2013
Thai readers be warned: You are about to read a commentary penned by an alleged "Thai with a Cambodian heart", a "traitor".
17 Apr 2013
Films tend to reflect the anxieties and aspirations of society at the time of production. And the latest box-office hit, "Pee Mak Phra Khanong", directed and co-written by Banjong Pisunthanakun, is perhaps no exception.
9 Apr 2013
The House of Representatives is expected to consider a same-sex civil union bill later this year. Gender rights activist Chumaporn Taengkliang of the Anjaree group tells The Nation's Pravit Rojanaphruk about its prospects and what it would mean for Thailand. Some excerpts:
3 Apr 2013
Many Thais are not quite sure of what to make of Sulak Sivaraksa. One day the noted social critic appeared to be on the Democrat Party's side by supporting MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra for Bangkok governor. Then, just two weeks later, he appeared on national television, Thai PBS, harshly criticising the Democrats and others who supported the current form of lese majeste law.
20 Mar 2013
Censorship was blatantly at work for all to see at Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) last Friday night when it abruptly cancelled the promised airing of the fifth and last episode of a much-anticipated debate on the monarchy.
6 Mar 2013
Sunday's Bangkok gubernatorial election was more a referendum on Thaksin Shinawatra and what happened in April-May 2010 in Bangkok and beyond, than a normal local election where voters decided who should best administer the capital.
20 Feb 2013
A dialogue with separatists may still be elusive after more than half a decade of violence but the least the public can do now is not to cling onto just one perspective by being permanently attached to seeing things through nationalist lenses only.In the aftermath of the killings of 16 separatists, some have advocated more draconian measures to deal with the situation, despite the fact that many locals in the deep South are opposed to measures like martial law and curfews.
6 Feb 2013
As much as Bangkok residents may relish the right to decide which Bangkok governor candidate to vote for early next month, the race has become a glaring reminder of inequality on at least two fronts. First, the absolute lack of a level playing field for most candidates and second, Bangkok's sense of exceptionalism - to elect its own governor unlike the rest of the country, which is now taken for granted.
23 Jan 2013
It appears many Bangkokians have already made up their minds about who they want as governor, even though the candidates only got to register on Monday. This is probably because most city residents are more than fully committed to their favourite political party and leaders.
13 Jan 2013
The show of strength by some 50 disgruntled Army officers on Friday and again yesterday in front of the yellow-shirt mouthpiece ASTV Manager Daily newspaper, after its condemned Army chief General Prayuth Chan-ocha as "lousy" over his handling of the Preah Vihear Temple dispute, is another low for freedom of expression in Thailand.
2 Dec 2012
Nearly half a year ago, a group of family members affected by the controversial lese majeste law decided to form The Network of Family Members and Peoples Affected by Article 112.


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