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26 Aug 2012
A closed-door deliberation on the merits of the controversial lese majeste law was held last week at Chulalongkorn University in an attempt to build bridges and trust between supporters and opponents of the law.
22 Aug 2012
The vernacular Daily News newspaper on August 13 reported the alarming news of the latest move by the broadcasting regulator to "improve" the country's notorious soap operas.
11 Aug 2012
The growing nostalgia among some Thais for the "golden age" hasn't gone unnoticed by the foreign media. Last week, the Weekend Journal of the Wall Street Journal wrote about the "dreams of simpler times" that have "spurred the popularity of all things vintage".
24 Jul 2012
Recently on one Facebook account (called ‘IUV’), a picture showing crowd formation that appears similar to one popular photograph of HM the King holding and talking on a walkie talkie attracted over 66,000 ‘like’. Last week, a red-shirt woman who ‘defamed’ a portrait of the King by her foot was later confronted with a group of ultra-royalist protesters as she was trying to leave Suvarnabhumi Airport for New Zealand where she resides. One of the protest placards read: ‘blasphemy’.
20 Jul 2012
Ekachai Hongkangwan's lese majeste trial has been deferred to mid-November after judges advised the defendant to change his plea by saying that he had no intention to defame the monarchy but that he merely wanted to share information.
18 Jul 2012
The lese majeste trial of Ekachai Hongkangwan, a man arrested for peddling pirated copies of a news documentary produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) about the future of the Thai monarchy and the lese majeste law began yesterday.
15 Jul 2012
Social activist Adisorn Kerdmongkol, a key person at the Migrant Working Group (MWG), was among five people just named as outstanding human rights defenders by the Somchai Neelapaijit Memorial Foundation. He answered questions by The Nation on Sunday's Pravit Rojanaphruk about the plight of migrant workers in Thailand. Excerpts:
12 Jul 2012
What kind of political system does Thailand have? The question is deceptively simple but the real answer is not.
6 Jul 2012
The country's first Network of Family Members and People Affected by the Lese Majeste Law was launched yesterday with 10 members who are either family of detainees charged with lese majeste or former prisoners convicted of lese majeste.
2 Jul 2012
Although it has been banned since April, the co-producer of the film "Shakespeare Must Die", Manit Sriwanithpoom, continues his campaign to overturn the Film Board's decision, which was based on fears that the satirical work would be interpreted as a criticism of Thaksin Shinwatra, inflaming social divisions. Manit talked to The Nation on Sunday's Pravit Rojanaphruk about the road ahead. Excerpts follow.
28 Jun 2012
Though Thai "democracy" turned 80 on Sunday, debate on whether the majority of Thai people are ready for democracy continues. It's still common to hear so-called well-educated and well-to-do Thais casting doubt as to the suitability of democracy for the Kingdom.
22 Jun 2012
As Sunday's 80th anniversary of the June 24, 1932 coup approaches, Thai society has seen a steady revival of interest - especially among red shirts - in the day that marked the end of absolute monarchy, and whose date served as Thai National Day for two decades.


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