Pravit Rojanaphruk

13 Jun 2012
The past is always subject to editing, omission, co-optation and selective memorisation. This was manifested recently when the red shirts flocked to listen to their leaders' speeches at Muang Thong Thani's Thunder Dome. Before people like Jatuporn Promphan and Nattawut Saigua took the stage, a video showing how resistance to the September 19, 2006, military coup took shape was screened.
11 Jun 2012
Video clip of panel discussion on the lese majeste law held on 7 June in Bangkok with speakers including Benedict Anderson,  Pravit Rojanaphruk, Andrew MacGregor Marshall (via Skype), and Sulak Sivaraksa, moderated by Lisa Gardner.
6 Jun 2012
Gwangju, South Korea June 4, 2012 1:00 am A priest in his 80s who wants the American military out of South Korea is honoured with a human-rights prize One of South Korea's "street fathers", octogenarian Catholic priest Mun Jeong Hyeon is a leading figure among opponents of the US military's presence in the republic.
2 Jun 2012
This article is, of course, in reply to Pravit’s article directed at my Twitter responses to his stated position – that he privileges the rights of large powerful media companies to intimidate, harass and threaten young Thai women, over the rights of these young Thai women to live their lives free of such intimidation.
31 May 2012
Being a committed advocate for freedom of expression, I have recently had the honour of being accused on Twitter by one foreign supporter of the red-shirt movement, by the name of Andrew Spooner (@Andrewspoooner), of supporting the right of yellow-shirt mouthpiece ASTV-Manager Weekly News Magazine to engage in “hate campaign” against one young red-shirt woman on its current weekly issue (Issue no.138, May 26-Jun 1, 2012).
30 May 2012
“Today, every child would like to tell father that ‘children love and would like to follow father’s footsteps for ever’. Long Live Your Majesty.” Praew Magazine, issue 775, November 25, 2011, page 202   “If you hate father and no longer love father, then you must leave this place, because this is father’s home.” Pongpat Vachirabanjong, well-known actor, May 16, 2010, statement during Nataraja Acting Award acceptance at Navy Conference Room.  
24 May 2012
A yellow shirt in Roi Et has filed a lèse majesté complaint against Nation reporter Pravit Rojanaphruk, for his contributions to Prachatai. 
24 May 2012
In today’s Thailand, many Thais see one-sided positive-only information about the monarchy and Thai mainstream mass media self-censorship as well as censorship on anything mildly critical of the monarchy as something ‘normal’. Little if any fuzz was made by pro-Thaksin mass media when a film mocking and criticizing Thaksin Shinawatra, entitled ‘Shakespeare Must Die’, was banned for good by the Film Board.
14 May 2012
Years of mainstream mass media self-censorship on any information and news critical about the Thai monarchy and their incessant supply of mostly one-sided and positive-only information about the royal institution is unlikely to change anytime soon since there’s no outrage or even public introspection by major media associations and corporations.
11 May 2012
The death of lese majeste detainee Amphon "Akong" Tangnoppakul, also known as "Uncle SMS", inside Bangkok Remand Prison Hospital on Monday has re-ignited hopes of amending the draconian lese majeste law.
9 May 2012
Less than 24 hours after the death while in detention of Lese Majeste convict and prisoner of conscience Amphon “Akong” Tangnoppakul, better known as Uncle SMS in English, this writer has observed how some ultra-royalists make sense of the first death of Thailand’s prisoners of conscience, and it became clear that they will blame it on anything or anyone but the draconian and undemocratic law and themselves.
9 May 2012
Ruling camp under pressure to change its hands-off stance over lese majeste law Lese majeste detainee Amphon "Akong" Tangnoppakul, known as "Uncle SMS", succumbed to cancer at the Bangkok Remand Prison Hospital yesterday morning.


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