Pravit Rojanaphruk

7 Mar 2012
Some Thais just hate other Thais who think differently, especially when it comes to the issue of the monarchy. Supot and Supat Silarat, who last week assaulted Worachet Pakeerut, leader of the Nitirat group of law lecturers who proposed an amendment to the draconian lese majeste law, told police the attack sprang from "differences in opinions".
24 Feb 2012
They are not shouting "Death to America!" yet, unlike some people in Afghanistan and Iran, but more Thai ultra-royalists have over the past few weeks become rather convinced that Imperial America is behind an alleged attempt to abolish the Thai monarchy.
8 Feb 2012
By now many Thais might have already decided as to where they stand on the fiercely emotional debate over proposed amendments to the controversial lese majeste law. After all, there are only two choices: will you or won't you sign and support the proposed amendment presented by the Nitirat group of law lecturers? I, for one, have already decided.
6 Feb 2012
Pravit Rojanaphruk interviews Robert Amsterdam, lawyer for the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, in Prachatai's 'Core Respondence' TV programme.
31 Jan 2012
Thai society is facing a major test in the way it handles the stark ideological differences on what to do with the controversial lese-majeste law.
25 Jan 2012
One of the least explored aspects of the lese-majeste law is censorship and self-censorship of anything that can be considered even mildly critical of the monarchy.
15 Jan 2012
Royalists, liberals savaging rivals with angry attacks, unsubstantiated claims It is becoming increasingly normal to see hate speech and slanderous remarks posted on social-networking sites in Thailand.
15 Jan 2012
A new group of royalist academics from eight universities issued a manifesto yesterday attacking those who want to amend or abolish the lese majeste law and vowing to fight what they called the monopoly of Thai politics by a "capitalist political party".
14 Jan 2012
The National Human Rights Commission will take a stance on what to do with the lese-majeste law by the end of this year, NHRC chairperson Prof Amara Pongsapich said yesterday(Thursday).
11 Jan 2012
There are people who believe that if Thailand could just stop corrupt politicians from ever getting elected, then the Kingdom would once and for all be free of graft. Few, however, understand that graft, corruption and bribery, at least in its legal, subtle and insidious forms, is very much part of Thai culture and society.
29 Dec 2011
Nobody should be surprised that the ongoing move to abolish or at least amend the controversial lese majeste law is meeting with staunch opposition from many royalists, who hold an almost god-like regard towards His Majesty and the institution of the monarchy.
27 Dec 2011
BANGKOK, Dec 24, 2011 (IPS) - The ‘Land of Smiles’ attracts some 14 million tourists annually to its tranquil beaches and glistening temples. But to many Thais, their country is becoming one of grimaces, thanks to its draconian lese-majeste (LM) law.


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