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20 Dec 2013
The Royal Navy army sued two journalists from Phuketwan website after they reported navy’s involvement in trafficking the Rohingyas in Southern Thailand.
1 Jun 2013
May 31 - A recently announced licensing scheme for online news in Singapore is effectively extending the country’s strict regulation of news and public affairs information to its relatively-freer online news media.
3 May 2013
Washington DC - Thailand's media freedom is categorized as "Not Free" for the year 2012, a change from "Partly Free" the previous year due to ‘court rulings that the lèse-majesté law does not contradict constitutional provisions for freedom of expression and that third-party hosts are liable for lèse-majesté content posted online’, a Freedom House report released on Wednesday said.
2 Jul 2011
As Thailand braces for the hotly-contested national elections, to be held on the 3rd of July, journalists, media groups and civil society in the kingdom are also girding for what could be another round of challenges to Thailand's freedom of expression.
28 May 2011
Reporters Without Borders reiterates its support for Democratic Voice of Burma’s call for the release of the 17 DVB journalists who are currently jailed in Burma. One of these journalists, Ngwe Soe Lin, is spending his 30th birthday today continung to serve the 13-year sentence he was given for his investigative coverage of children orphaned by Cyclone Nargis.
12 May 2011
Policemen attacked four Indonesian journalists while they were covering a peaceful rally staged by the Chinese group Falun Gong in Surabaya City, East Java, on 7 May 2011, media reports said.
3 May 2011
In 2010, Thailand experienced a fifth consecutive yearly decline in press freedom, moving from 'Partly Free' to 'Not Free' in terms of press freedom, according to Freedom House.
8 Mar 2011
To mark International Women’s Day today, Reporters Without Borders is releasing a report on the problems of women who work as journalists. It reaffirms several important principles, contains interviews with women journalists throughout the world and describes all the different problems they encounter, ranging from everyday discrimination to the most tragic forms of violence.
5 Mar 2011
Siem Reap - Sitting amidst a group of 40 journalists, 56-year-old Hang Chakra shares his views on why it is important for the Cambodian government to recognise and respect the rights of individuals, and especially the media, to freedom of expression.
28 Feb 2011
The mainstream Thai mass media faces a complex set of challenges ranging from legal barriers and political bias to other internal problems that prevent it from protecting the public interest and advancing freedom and democracy, Thailand's first Asian Media Barometer report has found.
23 Feb 2011
A review of 2010 indicates increased government effort to control freedom of expression and monopolise the dissemination of information. The Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government adopted a multi-pronged approach, using the myriad of laws at its disposal to curb expression.
8 Feb 2011
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on  the Protection and Promotion on the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression calls on the Government of Egypt,  to guarantee full security for journalists, national and international as well  as the free function of all Press agencies in the country.  Encourages the authorities as well to facilitate the normal operations of  internet service providers and all forms of communications including the Freedom of Expression of internet users.


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