Pridi Banomyong

13 Jun 2012
The past is always subject to editing, omission, co-optation and selective memorisation. This was manifested recently when the red shirts flocked to listen to their leaders' speeches at Muang Thong Thani's Thunder Dome. Before people like Jatuporn Promphan and Nattawut Saigua took the stage, a video showing how resistance to the September 19, 2006, military coup took shape was screened.
5 Nov 2010
Writer Sukprida Banomyong, well-known son of the late senior statesman Pridi Banomyong and the late Thanpooying Poonsuk Banomyong, spent much of the latter part of his life defending and reviving the legacy of his father and the 1932 revolt.
6 Oct 2010
A new book by Vimolphun Peetathawatchai was launched last week entitled Ek Kasattra Tai Rattadhammanoon (translated as ‘The Great Constitutional Monarch’ by the Bangkok Post, or literally ‘Unique King under the Constitution’).  Matichon has published a couple of excerpts from the book about the death of King Ananda, dealing with what is claimed to be newly discovered evidence.  Dom Dantrakul, son of the late prolific writer Suphoj Dantrakul, who was a devoted defender of Pridi Banomyong and the 1932 revolution, has written an article to refute Vimolphun on the issue.
25 Aug 2009
Historian Charnvit Kasetsiri writes about 16 Aug 1945, a very important date which should be remembered and commemorated.  However, it has been ‘made to be forgotten’, non-existent in official history textbooks of the Ministry of Education.
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