red shirts

31 Oct 2010
The case of a homeless scavenger has been dismissed by the court after over 5 months’ detention in prison.
30 Oct 2010
The Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation says it will deal with unregistered community radio stations, some of which are divisive and offensive.
29 Oct 2010
After nearly two months of silence, the hard-hitting anti-government Red Power magazine is back in print, though its editor Somyos Prueksakasemsuk is having a hard time moving 30,000 copies of the latest edition from Cambodia into Thailand due to alleged border blockade by the authorities.
29 Oct 2010
The Foreign Ministry has revoked the passports of 9 leaders of the United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship at the request of the police.
20 Oct 2010
On 19 Oct, Amornwan Charoenkij, a red-shirt vendor who was arrested for selling flip-flops with the faces of Abhisit Vejjajiva and Suthep Thaugsuban, reported to police in Ayutthaya as scheduled.  The police finished the indictment and forwarded the case to the public prosecutor on that day.  Surachet Chaikosol, Puea Thai MP for the province, bailed her out at the prosecution stage using his position as a guarantee.  Amornwan is required to report again on 21 Oct.
18 Oct 2010
A student and two red shirts in Chiang Rai have been arrested for selling flip-flops printed with the face of Abhisit Vejjajiva.  This is the second time the high school student has been arrested; in July he joined four college students in staging a protest in the town against the government crackdown on the red shirts in Ratchaprasong and the Emergency Decree.
17 Oct 2010
Earlier this month I made contact with a Thai national who has been granted refugee status in the UK. She lives in a simple house, on a typical street, in a very typical, provincial English town. “Tan” (her identity, for her protection, remains anonymous) endured so many threats to her person from people she asserts were connected to the extremist right-wing yellow-shirted PAD, that she felt forced to flee Thailand and seek refuge in a different country.
9 Oct 2010
Two protesters convicted to one year in jail under the Emergency Decree during the government crackdown in May try to make their voices heard through a group of activists called ‘Social Move’. The group has raised their story to call attention to the plight of numerous unknown victims of the Emergency Decree held in prison.
8 Oct 2010
A shoe repairer has been charged with lèse majesté and denied bail for calling 191 to make a bomb threat against Siriraj Hospital.
6 Oct 2010
According to ASTV-Manager, National Human Rights Commissioner Paiboon Varahapaitoon says that putting the photos of individuals on flip-flops for sale was not proper, because Thai society places importance on hierarchy and decency, as well as human dignity which is guaranteed in the constitution.  Such an act cannot be allowed, no matter whether the individuals in the photos are public figures or ordinary people, as it violates the rights of others.
30 Sep 2010
A Sub-Committee of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has met with senior security officers to gather information on the April-May crackdowns on the red shirts.  More meetings will be held next month.  The CRES spokesperson insists that the security forces adhered to the law and international practice during the crackdowns, and says that the 91 deaths are being exploited and distorted.
28 Sep 2010
"People's Information Center: The April-May 2010" (PIC) held a public hearing to gather information from those who were injured and from family members of those who were killed during the incidents.  The Thammasat Auditorium was packed with an audience mostly wearing red shirts, who came to share their experience. On 25 Sept, a public forum and concert to raise funds for victims and relatives were held at Thammasat’s Sriburapha Hall.


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