red shirts

3 Sep 2010
Conor David Purcell, an Australian national who was arrested and convicted for his involvement in the red-shirt rallies in April and May and was ordered to be released on 20 Aug, is still being detained at the Police Immigration Division at Soi Suan Phlu because he has no money for the air fare home. Purcell went on stage and gave speeches during the red-shirt rallies in Ratchaprasong, and was arrested on 27 May.    
1 Sep 2010
The CRES spokesperson told a press conference that certain print media have distorted information causing anxiety and rifts among the public, and presented news affronting the monarchy.  The CRES will take legal action against them or close them down if necessary.
31 Aug 2010
The Network of Volunteer Citizens to Protect the Monarchy on Facebook has met the DSI Director, and provided a video clip of Tom Dundee speaking at a red-shirt rally, which they say constitutes lèse majesté.
31 Aug 2010
In a submission to the 14th session of the Human Rights Council, the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) described the use of arbitrary orders for interrogation of civilians in army camps and other facilities under emergency regulations during the violence between state forces and antigovernment protestors in Thailand in April-May 2010 (A/HRC/14/NGO/42, 17 May 2010).
27 Aug 2010
Pathum Wanaram Temple has cancelled the booking by a group of red shirts to hold a religious ceremony to mark 100 days since the crackdown in May.  The abbot claims to have been pressured and criticized for siding with the red shirts.
27 Aug 2010
Three months after the Army’s crackdown on May 19th, 2010 which caused 91 deaths and almost 2,000 injured, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has not yet come to terms with the fact that his soldiers killed people.
21 Aug 2010
Chulalongkorn political science lecturer dismisses what happened as petty nonsense, and believes that the students have someone behind them, while university administrators have refused to be interviewed.
19 Aug 2010
An attempt of a group of Chula students to protest against Abhisit Vejjajiva inside the university was thwarted by a lecturer and university security guards. The students called on the PM to call an early election, and take legal action against those responsible for the April-May massacre.
16 Aug 2010
28 red shirts, including a 15-year-old boy, have been arrested and prosecuted for burning down Mukdahan provincial hall on 19 May.  24 have been denied bail and are being held on remand at the provincial prison. The People’s Centre for Information on the April – May 2010 Crackdowns (PCI) has reported the arrest and prosecution of 28 people, including one woman and a 15-year-old boy, for burning down the provincial hall during the unrest on 19 May.
13 Aug 2010
The mother of the high school student has been told by the Provincial Juvenile Centre not to send her son for psychotherapy scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday, as her son has been found to be normal.  The Director of the Centre insists that the agency has followed procedures without discrimination. The Centre’s findings from its examination of the student will be sent to police to be forwarded to the prosecution.
10 Aug 2010
On 9 Aug, a local red-shirt leader and three students from Chiang Rai who had been charged by local police with violating the Emergency Decree went to the Office of the National Human Rights Commission in Bangkok, in response to an invitation to provide information to the Commission.
9 Aug 2010
While Thailand’s reputation as ‘the land of smiles’ is a cliché, the recent images of violence and unrest in Bangkok have been a shocking contrast to its reputation as a stable regional travel and business hub.


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