red shirts

6 Aug 2010
Sakon Nakhon court has sentenced Sakrapee Phromchat, who as a Brahman led the red shirts’ blood-pouring ritual in front of Government House in March, to 8 months in jail for blocking traffic and instigating unrest during a protest in the province.
1 Aug 2010
A high school student, one of five students who have been persecuted for their minor protest against the Emergency Decree in Chiang Rai, reported to the Juvenile Observation and Protection Centre for questioning, and has been advised to confess to the crime and ask the court for leniency.
27 Jul 2010
5 students in Chiang Rai have been persecuted by the authorities after they staged a small protest calling for the lifting of the Emergency Decree and reminding the public of the killings in Ratchaprasong. 
20 Jul 2010
Activists and red shirts have continued to converge at Ratchaprasong on Sundays to commemorate the loss of lives in the area.  Last Sunday an activist was arrested and fined for making a loud noise.
16 Jul 2010
The old saying that the winning side gets to write history might be partially true because bookshelves are suddenly overflowing with tomes written ostensibly about an "evil red movement" and why they met a bad ending in May.
13 Jul 2010
Thai academics are well-known voices on television and radio as analysts and commentators providing lively debate on politics. But broadcasting freely is no longer a simple and safe matter since the government crackdown against Red Shirt protesters in May. Many radio stations where academics have spoken in support of anti-government Red Shirt demonstrators have been shut down and academics warned by their own universities against openly broadcasting their opinions.
13 Jul 2010
Some 50 red shirts converged at Rajprasong intersection late yesterday [11 July] afternoon in defiance of the emergency decree and created a small commotion - repeatedly shouting "People have been killed here!" and "The military shot people!"
6 Jul 2010
Inthira Saraniam, 27, is a red shirt who organized her wedding ceremony at Sanam Luang.  Her father is a staunch red-shirt supporter who plastered his taxi cab with stickers condemning the 2006 coup junta, the Council for National Security, and all kinds of dictatorship, until the car was burned.  He also joined the anti-coup activities early on in Sanam Luang, before the movement later turned into the red shirts.
6 Jul 2010
The army will continue its programme called ‘Fight the economic crisis with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy’ by sending ISOC staff to visit communities to create unity among the people and explain the military role in the recent crackdown.
4 Jul 2010
In response to the AHRC's open letter to Abhisit Vejjajiva on 18 June regarding the detention and treatment of people arrested under the Emergency Decree, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has posted its reply on its website.
4 Jul 2010
Wasan Sang-rasmi, or Keng, a rescue volunteer who witnessed the killings at Pathumwanaram Temple on 19 May, has been issued a summons by the CRES, but he has decided not to meet the authorities.
21 Jun 2010
The daughter of a red shirt killed at Ratchaprarop on 15 May has finally found the body of her father.  She has met independent photographer Nick Nostitz to hear about her father’s fatal moment.  Nostitz took pictures of the man injured with gunshot wounds on that day while they were seeking shelter and has been trying to locate him ever since.


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