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19 Aug 2011
Members of Peuthai party cannot deny the fact that one of the key factors which lead to it winning the recent election came from people’s anger towards political injustice since the 2006 coup.
15 Aug 2011
Two photo books document the movement that swept away the coup-makers
28 Jul 2011
Now that the Pheu Thai Party is getting ready to form a new government, the so-called "red shirts for democracy" face the challenge of living up to their self-chosen tag of being "truly democratic".
26 Jul 2011
On 25 July, a group of lawyers and red shirts visited 53 red-shirt detainees in Bangkok prisons to give them food and other necessities in a bid to give them moral support and help ease their hardship in prison.
21 Jul 2011
With the overwhelming win of the Pheu Thai Party in the July 3 elections and as Yingluck Shinawatra is headed to become the first ever female Prime Minister in Thailand, it is eerie to see the parallels between the recent developments in Thailand’s political history centered around the figure of Thaksin Shinawatra and the period of the late General Juan Domingo Peron’s influence in Argentina, particularly during the 1960’s and 70’s.
21 Jul 2011
The afternoon of May 19, 2010 was a time of chaos at Zen department store after red shirts ended their protest and the Army moved into Ratchaprasong.
27 Jun 2011
As we drive down to the village, about 20 minutes from the provincial capital of Udon Thani, 42-year-old Kamsaen, wife of village headman Korngchai Chaikang, complains about allegations that their village is a training site for anti-monarchist armed militants.
12 Jun 2011
The provincial court in Ubon Ratchathani has given 9 red shirts suspended jail terms for their alleged involvement in the 19 May 2010 unrest, after they pleaded guilty.  Another group of 21 red shirts will hear the court’s rulings in early September.
25 May 2011
On 23 May, the Civil Court accepted cases filed against the authorities by family members of two victims of the crackdown on red shirts last year. Samaphan Srithep, 16, was shot and killed at Soi Rang Nam on 15 May 2010.  Thanuthat Asawasirimankong, 53, has been paralysed after being shot in the back and shoulder on 14 May at Bon Kai on Rama IV Rd.
21 May 2011
On 19 May, groups of red shirts under the banner of Democracy Networks held activities to mark the first anniversary of the crackdown in front of Lumpini Park, performing traditional rituals to curse the masterminds who ordered the killings, and campaigning for the release of political prisoners and the repeal of the lèse majesté law.
20 May 2011
Lack of sympathy for calls for justice, democracy still evident One year on, tens of thousands of red shirts converged at Ratchaprasong Intersection yesterday to commemorate the end of the bloody military confrontation with the reds. Many are still grappling with how the government managed to get away with the crackdowns that began on April 10 and ended on May 19, leaving a combined death toll of 92 from both sides - but mostly red shirts - and more than a thousand injuries.
10 May 2011
Khon Kaen - At an event marking one year since the dispersal of public demonstrations in which 92 people were killed and over 2,000 injured, speakers from four major non-government groups gathered yesterday to assess the progress of recent reports into the outbreak of violence during April and May 2010.


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