5 Aug 2020
Apiwat Kantong, vice minister of the Office of the Prime Minister, filed a complaint today (5 August) against human rights lawyer Anon Nampa accusing him of defaming the monarchy in his speech at the Harry Potter-themed protest on Monday (3 August), during which he called for monarchy reform and open criticism of the crown.
23 Apr 2015
A year or more ago, when the Asok-Sukhumwit junction was occupied by a PDRC reform-before-election mob, the site sported a banner supplied by the nearby campus of Srinakharinwirot University.  They had obviously been told to put their superior education to use by explaining in English something of what the protests were about. Their sign said ‘Stop Corruptions!’ One was tempted to scrawl underneath ‘And Start Learning Englishes!’
12 May 2014
King Bhumibol Marks 64 Years on the throne |  EC regulations on the use of armoured vehicles and bulletproof vests | PDRC's final battle for an appointed "People's Government"
18 Apr 2014
    Pheu Thai’s policies have been dismissed as ‘populism’, but elements of them can more properly be categorized as belonging to ‘Socialism of the 21st Century’, a movement embraced by Latin American leaders such as Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and one with its own Wikipedia page for those interested.  
20 Nov 2013
Netiwit Chotipatpaisal, a M.5 student who has led a national campaign against compulsory haircuts in school since last year, has rejected his nomination for a National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) award, stating that he doubts whether the NHRC really takes the human rights issues seriously. 
8 Sep 2010
With the mainstream media mostly giving the National Reform Committee a blank cheque in terms of soft PR and uncritical reporting of its activities, it has been alternative media outlets like that have voiced criticism. Two members of the reform committee - noted historian Nidhi Eoseewong and scholar-monk Venerable Phra Paisarn Visalo - recently came under fire on the news website.
13 Aug 2010
At a dinner function last week, a senior public relations executive for former prime minister Anand Panyarachun's National Reform Committee, had a brief chat with this writer. In the chat, three interesting details came up. The female executive voiced concerns about the media's repeated "mistake" of calling the committee "government-appointed". She also wondered why Matichon newspaper, known to be sympathetic to the red shirts, did not portray the committee in a positive light like other papers did.
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