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21 Apr 2016
Junta chairman and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha today accused the de facto leader of the Redshirt movement of plotting the recent resumption of public protests against his military regime.
21 Apr 2016
Anti-junta activists have again been detained by the police for gathering to show support for an embattled Pheu Thai Party politician currently detained in a military camp. Police officers arrested Anon Nampa and Pansak Srithep of the Resistant Citizen Group, Sirawit Serithiwat from the New Democracy Movement (NDM), Aramis Akahad and Wannakit Chatsuwan, five well-known anti-junta activists at around 6:45 pm on Wednesday, 20 April 2016.
20 Apr 2016
Police released anti-junta activists without charges after detaining them for gathering in support for a detained Pheu Thai Party politician. At 8:30 pm on Tuesday, 19 April 2016, police officers of Phayathai Police Station released Anon Nampa of Resistant Citizen Group, Sirawit Serithiwat from New Democracy Movement (NDM), Aramis Akahad and Wannakit Chatsuwan, four well known anti-junta activists.
5 Jan 2016
Despite warnings from the police, families of victims of the violent military crackdown during April-May 2010 political violence vow to go on with their rally to call for justice after the authorities ruled not prosecute those who authorized the crackdown.
7 Dec 2015
Update: According to Matichon Online, the military on Monday morning closed off Rajabhakti Park for ‘repairs’ until further notice. Many military personnel are deployed at the park gates. Military and police officers have detained anti-junta activists on their way to Rakabhakti Park, a royal theme park plagued with corruption scandals, and detached a train carriage to prevent them from travelling further.
6 Dec 2015
Thai military officers have intimidated the mother of a well-known anti-junta activist and attempted to summon her for a discussion, saying “whatever happens, you can’t complain.” On the night of Saturday, 5 December 2015, military officers contacted Patnari Charnkij, the mother of a student activist from the New Democracy Movement (NDM) and Resistant Citizen, Sirawit Serithiwat, and asked about Sirawit’s whereabout.
5 Nov 2015
Thai anti-junta activists indicted under the junta’s political gathering ban have refused the jurisdiction of military courts in their cases, reasoning that they should be tried by the courts of justice.
2 Nov 2015
Pro-democracy activists gathered in front of Army Headquarters to call for military reform at an event commemorating the suicide of a taxi driver, who hanged himself from a bridge to protest the 2006 military coup d’état. In the late afternoon of Saturday, 31 October 2015, anti-junta activists from the Resistant Citizens Group and a large crowd gathered at the 14 October Memorial on Rachadamnoen Avenue on the 9th anniversary of the suicide of Numthong Praiwan, a taxi driver.
8 Oct 2015
Four embattled anti-coup activists charged with violating the junta’s ban on political gatherings have refused to testify before a military court, saying the court does not have jurisdiction over their case.
4 Jul 2015
Crowds gathered in central Bangkok to show support for the 14 detained anti-junta activists amid a heavy presence of police and military officers in and out of uniform.
4 Jun 2015
The military court granted bail to four activists of the anti-coup Resistant Citizen group after they were charged with defying the junta’s order.
29 May 2015
The criminal court has refused to take legal action against the Thai junta leader and his associates for staging a coup d’état against the former elected administration and the former constitution.


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