24 Oct 2018
2-3 years ago, the Thai media paid more interest to the issue of the disabled, judging from the content appearing on television and in online media.  I myself became immersed in this issue with the creation of the ThisAble.me website to pose questions about the lives of the disabled, and to explore the doubts of society about the ability and rights of this group and the misconceptions that they have to face.
8 Jun 2016
The future of Wat Ratha Dharma Nun has been cast into further question by the discovery of yet more grisly evidence of corpses of democracy and apparent links to the shadowy world of international dictatorship trafficking.
8 May 2015
The discovery of a remote camp containing the graves of what are thought to be the remains of human rights has sent shockwaves throughout the nation and beyond.  The site contained 32 shallow graves but human rights remains have been found in only 26, indicating that it was expected that there would be more victims.
21 Jun 2014
8 Sep 2013
The Cabinet has passed a resolution on a code of conduct for public service vehicles.  And I am sure we all agree that such a thing is overdue, what with trains derailing by the day and minivans crashing at high speed, all the way down to more everyday problems such as having to jump from buses in the fast lane and negotiate 2 lanes of Bangkok traffic to find the safety of the pavement. 
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