Rittirong Chuenjit

1 Jun 2017
After a legal battle lasting almost 8 years, a torture victim wrongfully arrested for theft has lodged a civil lawsuit against the Thai police. Rittirong Chuenjit, 26, on 26 May 2017 filed suit against the Royal Thai Police at the Southern Bangkok Civil Court.
19 Dec 2016
After a seven-year fight for justice, a provincial court has accepted a lawsuit against four police officers accused of torturing a suspect.
10 Feb 2016
A wrongly identified theft suspect says that police officers threatened to kill him and dump his body on a mountain.   The Cross Cultural  Foundation (CrCF), a human rights advocacy group, reported that on Monday, 8 February 2016, the Provincial Court of Prachinburi in the east of Thailand held a second witness examination hearing in a case filed by Rittirong Chuenjit, 25, against seven police officers.
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