7 Dec 2020
Student-led pro-democracy protests have been going on for months. One of their tactics is to use royalist symbols, quotations and traditions as satirical weapons to challenge and criticize the government, tradition and society overall.
22 Nov 2016
Throughout modern Thailand’s history, Royal Anthem videos have played a significant role in transforming the foundations of royal legitimacy. While the palace previously emphasised the King’s commitment to his duties as ‘Father of the Land’, anthem videos now push the Thai people’s duty to love the monarchy as ‘good children’. 
22 Nov 2016
Produced by GMM One, “I Was Born in the Reign of Rama IX: The Series” aired Monday through Thursday last week with lessons of morality and a political subtext weighted by reverence for King Bhumibol.   The four-episode series, which began after a month-long ban on entertainment lapsed, followed several middle-class Thais from Oct. 13 when they heard the news through Oct.
26 Oct 2016
Recent ‘witch hunts’ as Thailand mourns its late King are the consequence of hyper-royalism, a culture of impunity and political polarisation, says a Thai sociologist. He speculates the hunts will last until celebrations for the new throne are completed.
19 Oct 2016
The UNHCR has denied its involvement with a Thai refugee accused of lèse majesté living in France and also condemned her for disrespecting King Bhumibol’s death.
18 Oct 2016
Thailand’s Justice Minister says that 'social sanction' is the best way to protect the monarchy, adding that Thais should do the same with lèse majesté offenders living abroad. Meanwhile, the junta has urged people to use the legal process rather than violence.     On 18 October 2016, Justice Minister Paiboon Kumchaya was asked by the media for his opinion about the vigilante attack against a soy milk seller in Phuket accused of lèse majesté that occurred three days earlier.
18 Oct 2016
Despite standing next to a police officer, an elderly woman with a mental illness has been slapped in the face for allegedly insulting King Bhumibol.     Since 17 October 2016, Thai social media has been sharing a video clip of an elderly woman being scorned on a public bus.
18 Oct 2016
A hyper-royalist doctor has urged Thai people in Paris to hunt for a lèse-majesté refugee and those who shelter her.   On 16 October, Rienthong Nanna, chairman of the ultra-royalist vigilante group Rubbish Collection Organisation (RCO), posted on his Facebook account the address of Wanna, a Thai living in Paris.
14 Jan 2015
After being attacked by Thai ultra-royalists who who resented the UNHCR for the alleged role in givingถ a lese majeste suspect refugee status, the Thailand’s branch of UNHCR closed down its facebook fan page.
7 Jul 2009
Kevin Hewison, professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, presented his paper 'Thai-Style Democracy' at the Faculty of Political Science of Chulalongkorn University on June 26, 2009.  The paper is published here in full. 
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