Samaphan Srithep

2017-05-18 14:53
Uniformed and plainclothes officers have fenced off a plaque commemorating a teenager who was shot dead seven years ago during the government’s crackdown on red shirt protesters. Officers loitered around as loved ones commemorated the boy’s passing.
2012-02-29 08:24
Phansak Srithep has finished a long walk from Chiang Mai to Fang District to report to local police following complaints lodged against him by a monk with whom he had a heated dispute on Facebook over political conflicts.
2010-05-17 09:57
Samaphan Srithep or Cher, 17, was fatally shot at Soi Rang Nam on 15 May.  His elder sister wrote about him on her Facebook. I often thought of him as a “badly brought up” kid. He was annoying, impertinent, had a gift of bad timing. He was also provocative, and a bit unhinged.  I had even thought that if he carried on this way, he would probably “die before he has lived.” 
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