Sanam Luang

24 Sep 2020
Protesters who stayed overnight in the occupation of Thammasat University and Sanam Luang on 19 September exchanged opinions with strangers as all prepared to sleep in the open.
24 Sep 2020
Foreigners attended the protest at Thammasat University to show their support for the people of Thailand and their fight for democracy. The use of social media has greatly contributed to the expansion of foreign participation in protests.
13 May 2011
I am sure many have noticed that Sanam Luang has been closed for more than a year, surrounding by high corrugated iron fences? The truth is coming out now. Last time I was in Thailand a few months back one could see through earth and bricks being moved by army trucks and earth moving equipment at night time moving back and forth, from south to north; activities tightly confined and controlled by the military.
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