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13 Jul 2017
On 16 July 2017 at 5-7PM the Final Report of the Panel of Judges of the International People’s Tribunal 1965 (IPT 1965) will be presented at SEA Junction. The IPT 1965 was set up to break the silence about the mass killings that found place in 1965 and thereafter in Indonesia and to engage in truth finding in order to work towards reconciliation. The hearings of the Tribunal were held in The Hague, the Netherlands, on November 2015.
22 Jun 2017
More and more people travel across international borders for the purpose of receiving medical care. Medical tourism, as this growing phenomenon is commonly called, features prominently in Southeast Asia, with Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore among the top world destinations thanks to relatively lower costs of care, cutting-edge equipment and expertise, and visitors’ friendly attitude.  At the receiving end of services, Indonesia is one of the major sending countries for outbound medical tourism as many Indonesians travel to Malaysia or Singapore in search of better care.
19 Apr 2017
Policies and practices developed by ASEAN member states in managing refugee crisis are mostly marked by their changeable, ad-hoc, and optional characteristics. Since most of them are not signatories to the 1951 Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol, any policies and practices that do emerge are not necessarily obligatory and compliance is not guaranteed. Moreover, they tend to endorse the national interests, particularly in terms of domestic security and development, rather than to prioritize the interest and destiny of refugees.
23 Mar 2017
Thailand is well known internationally for its highly visible, diverse and increasingly vocal transgender, lesbian and gay cultures and communities.  In international media, both in the West and in much of Asia, Thailand is often highlighted for its so-called cultural “tolerance” of gender and sexual diversity.  However, in his public talk at SEA Junction on 28 March at 5-7PM Peter Jackson, Emeritus Professor of Thai history and cultural studies in the Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific, will who how recent Thailand’s now very public queer c
16 Feb 2017
If the face is the mirror of a soul, then what should reflect one’s who is or is believed to be in trance or possessed by spirits? The exhibition to be held on 18-25 February at SEA Junction is an attempt by the photographer Eva Rapoport to find answers to this question.
26 Jan 2017
In recent years, the harsh labor practices and poor living and work conditions of migrants from Cambodia and Myanmar in the fishing and seafood industry in Thailand have received international attention and prompted demands for systemic reform. Photographer Rahman Mahmud’s insights powerfully illustrate the Cambodian migrant children, women and men who sustain the industry with their exploited labor. In his words: “I have spent hours during the day in a fishing pier.
15 Dec 2016
From 4:30-6:30 pm on 17 December 2016, SEA Junction will screen the documentary by Mynmar director, editor and produce Thet Oo Maung “Sound of Silence”. The film’s storyline, follows former Tatmadaw soldier Saw Aye Thein as he adjusts to life after losing both his legs to a landmine . A poignant meditation on the experiences of people with disabilities in Myanmar.  This 21 minutes long film was screened at “Human Rights and Human Dignity International Film Festival, 2014” in 2014. In 2015, It was screened in Festival Film Dokumentor in Indonesia.
23 Nov 2016
SEA Junction is collaborating with APCOM ( to organize a public lecture by renowned Indonesian LBGT activist and Chair of APCOM, Dédé Oetomo on 29 November 2016 at 5-7pm. He will provide an in-depth analysis of the wave of attacks to LGBT people and communities in the context of the current socio-political and religious situation of Indonesia. The lecture will also serve as a side event to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) World Conference to be held in Bangkok on 28 November to 2 December 2016.
12 Nov 2016
Today tourism is a buzzword for a quick and easy development paradigm. Yet, stories of both glory and horror in tourism abound. The glory stories are often related to income and employment generation, the attraction of foreign exchange, the opportunities that tourism could provide for regional, rural and community development, as well as the opportunity to use tourism as a means for education in history, culture, nature and conservation.
9 Oct 2016
  2017 ASEAN will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Progress has been made towards more close-tied regionalism in Southeast Asia and mechanisms for joint governance have become more sophisticated. However, while ASEAN as an inter-governmental institution is keen to collaborate with the business sector and closely engage with it at all levels, its relationship with civil society remains fraught with tensions.
4 Oct 2016
Mekong Migration Network (MMN) and SEA Junction present Beyond “Tolerance”: Living Together with Migrants, a photo exhibition and documentary video, in collaboration with documentary photographer Mr.
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