Supalak Ganjanakhundee

14 Aug 2020
Never before have people's messages about the monarchy, be they satirical or direct, substantial demands for monarchy reform, appeared widely in protests countrywide. But these messages do not make it into the mainstream media due to legal and moral fears.
28 Nov 2019
Thai Security Plan admits new generation’s bond to the monarchy has weakened. 
8 Mar 2018
Basically, ordinary people might love to have the right to choose their own representatives to sit in the top jobs in the country. Therefore, elections matter. It is strange to see a certain group of people in Thailand has come out to show their resolve against elections, on the ground that the poll might not bring ‘good’ people into governance.    While an election would not bring good people or even democracy to the politics, authoritarians in Southeast Asia indeed need elections to justify their governance.
23 May 2014
At breakfast this morning after the coup, I told my teen children. "We are so lucky to have chances to share experience of my childhood."
14 Apr 2011
The latest statement from Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva in relation to posting Indonesian observers at the disputed area near Preah Vihear Temple clearly reflects that it is the military, not the government, that controls Thailand's foreign policy toward Cambodia.
28 Mar 2010
An understanding should have been made among the red shirts beforehand that this is not ‘the last battle’, and the goal should have been to sound out their opponents.   The red shirts should be aware of the fact that their force, which has just been rebuilt after the devastating defeat during Songkran last year, is not yet strong enough to finish the war once and for all.
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