Tantawan Tuatulanon

13 May 2022
In a new surge of detentions, six people are in jail in connection with the royal defamation law – five of them denied bail to contest the charges outside prison. A human rights lawyer said the move illustrates the authorities’ obsession with smothering any public criticism of the monarchy. 
6 May 2022
Tantawan Tuatulanon, 20, is a monarchy reform activist charged with royal defamation for conducting a public poll on royal motorcades, and is currently detained at the Women's Central Correctional Institution. We meet Tantawan to talk about her life as an activist and and the life she would like to live if the society is already good.
20 Apr 2022
Monarchy reform activist Tantawan Tuatulanon’s bail was revoked today (20 April), after the Criminal Court claimed she has broken her bail conditions by going near a royal motorcade and posting about the monarchy on Facebook.
8 Apr 2022
Activist Tantawan Tuatulanon was blocked from going near the Temple of the Emerald Buddha yesterday (6 April) after she intended to wait for a royal motorcade.
7 Apr 2022
Although it’s now common for royal insult defendants to be freed on bail, their freedom often comes with vague conditions like bans on joining protests that could lead to “chaos” or doing anything that “damages” the monarchy. Experts question whether these conditions may violate the rights to free expression. 
11 Mar 2022
7 out of 9 activists who pleaded by the police for temporary detention for surveying public perceptions of royal motorcades have been released on bail.
7 Mar 2022
The state’s strict stance guarding royal processions has been underlined once again as an activist was arrested and charged with lèse majesté and violation of the Computer Crime Act for live-streaming herself at a royal procession and questioning the priorities of the police and the King as protesters were cleared from the route. 
28 Feb 2022
Activist Tantawan “Tawan” Tuatulanon was arrested on Saturday (26 February 2022), after she conducted a poll on whether the royal defamation law should be repealed and attempted to deliver the poll result to the Grand Palace.
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