Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights (TANC)

21 Oct 2020
The Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights (TANC) has issued a statement following the crackdown on the Pathumwan protest on 16 October, calling for the authorities to stop using force to crack down on protesters, cease using the legal system to block dissent, and find a resolution for the country.  Representatives of the TANC submitting their statement at the Government House 
12 Apr 2019
On Wednesday (10 April), the Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights (TANC) went to the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) headquarters to hand an open letter calling for transparency in the vote counting process and for the ECT to stop prosecuting citizens.
14 Feb 2017
Amidst controversy over a hijab-wearing football club in the predominantly Muslim Deep South, leading academics and activists have urged locals to be more tolerant of gender identities.    
30 Jan 2017
Renowned pro-democracy academics have submitted a joint statement to condemn the Thai authorities for the detention of Jatuphat ‘Pai’ Boonpattararaksa, saying the country’s judicial system has failed to safeguard human rights and the rule of law.   At 11 am on 30 January 2017, leading members of the Thai Academic Network for Civil Rights (TANC), including Anusorn Unno, Puangthong Pawakapan, Yukti Mukdawijitra, and Pichit Likitkijsomboon, gathered at the Supreme Court in the Chaeng Watthana Government Complex.
21 Oct 2016
After 44 students were arrested in connection to an alleged Bangkok bombing plot, a group of academics who support human rights has urged authorities to stop the arbitrary arrest of Muslim Malay citizens.   Over the past week, 36 males and eight female Deep South youths have been arrested in a series of raids by a combined task force of police officers and soldiers.
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