Thai PBS

2 Jul 2015
After being summoned by the Thai broadcasting authorities, Thai PBS, a public media company supported by the state, clarified that it was only doing its duty in broadcasting a TV programme about the 14 embattled anti-junta activists.
1 Jul 2015
The Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS), a public media outlet supported by the state, might face a 50,000 baht fine from the Thai authorities for broadcasting a programme on the background of the 14 embattled anti-junta student activists.
17 Nov 2014
Prachatai looked into record of those who just campagined for the media freedom -- six months after the coup.
15 Nov 2014
Despite the junta’s rhetoric about initiating a national reform debate for a ‘functioning democracy’, the junta’s interference in a Thai PBS programme which allowed people to voice opinions on reform ironically shows how the junta is doing the opposite, according to civil society groups.    According to Isara News Agency, executives of Thailand’s Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) obeyed the junta by removing Nattaya Wawweerakhup from the programme “Voices of the People that must be heard before the Reform” after the military pressured the TV channel
14 Nov 2014
Thailand’s Public Broadcasting Service, Thai PBS, reportedly removed the host of a programme which allowed people to voice opinions on the junta’s reform plans after junta representatives met with the channel’s executives, Isara News Agency reported on Friday.  
20 Mar 2013
Censorship was blatantly at work for all to see at Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS) last Friday night when it abruptly cancelled the promised airing of the fifth and last episode of a much-anticipated debate on the monarchy.


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