Thai politics

23 Sep 2009
In a Thai Post interview published on 20 Sept, Kasian Techaphira of Thammasat University’s Political Science Faculty talks about the drastic changes in Thai politics over the last few years since the coup on 19 Sept 2006.  With the unprecedented phenomenon of two large mass movements rallying on the streets, he argues that these people need to be brought into formal politics as mass political parties, but this is not allowed under the existing political system; so a new political reform is needed to accommodate them.  However, the elite, frightened of mass movements and of the red shirts in particular, are not ready for reform, he says.
4 Sep 2009
Kevin Hewison of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill talks to Pitch Pongsawat of Chulalongkorn University about Thaksin and his politics in Prachatai's online talk show.


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