the Royal Thai Army

19 Sep 2017
Late last month, Private Noppadol Worakitpan died from cardiovascular failure soon after returning home. Allegedly, two other privates accompanying him informed his family he had been physically punished the day before, resulting in police investigations into the ninth such death within a decade. In addition to holding the perpetrators accountable for these crimes, it is time that Thailand replaced mass conscription with a national service programme to offer citizens a choice.
27 Jul 2016
The post-mortem examination in the death of a young soldier has concluded that he was beaten to death by other soldiers in a military camp in Isaan, northeastern Thailand.   Surin Provincial Court on Tuesday, 26 July 2016, read out the autopsy report on the death of Corporal Krittikon Suthiraphan, 25, a soldier at Weerawat Yothin Army Camp in Surin. Krittikon died in a military prison in Weerawat Yothin Army Camp on 21 February 2016. He was imprisoned after he was accused of assisting other detainees in the military prison to flee.
31 May 2016
The Civil Court has dismissed a case filed against the Defence Ministry, the Royal Thai Army and the Prime Minister's Office over the death of a Karen private who was allegedly tortured in a military base shortly before his death.
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