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3 May 2022
It demonstrates that Thai-US security relations remain strong despite anti-American sentiment at home and the growing influence of authoritarian powers. 
4 Mar 2022
Two far-right hosts recently drafted into Channel 5 have claimed that people were faking casualties in Ukraine. A simple Google search shows that their footage of dead bodies was taken from a climate change protest in Austria on 4 Feb.
11 Oct 2021
The four ultraroyalist hosts from Top News who were sanctioned by pro-democracy protesters and Nation TV last year will host 7 hours a day for Channel 5, the military-owned TV channel, from 3 January 2022. Despite the controversies surrounding them, Kanok Ratwongsakul, Teera Tanyapaibul, Santisuk Marongsri, and Sathaporn Kuasakul said they would work with the Channel 5 team to present themselves with different personae, focusing on delivering impartial and accurate reports.
27 Mar 2021
MK Restaurants and Yayoi have become the target of a boycott on suspicion that they are sponsoring Top News, a newly founded right-wing media outlet. Some tried to defend them by posting photos claiming to be eating their dishes, but netizens have revealed that the photos were taken from other people's social media profiles. 
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