17 Aug 2009
The workers Submit to Triumph HQ a joint appeal denouncing and resisting the anti-worker and unjust retrenchment of workers by German-owned Triumph International.
11 Aug 2009
A journey of a bra does not begin at the department store but in the hands of petite women who are 100% committed to their jobs. What they get in return for their love of their work comes in white envelopes.
8 Aug 2009
On Aug 6, about 300 members of the Triumph Labour Union rallied at Government House to petition the Prime Minister and call on the government to intervene in their dispute with the company which has laid off 1,959 workers.
25 Jul 2009
Triumph workers rallied at the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok, making demands through the embassy to Triumph International whose headquarters is located in Switzerland.  After the embassy refused to come out to receive their petition, the workers read out the demands, burned the petition and left.
27 Jun 2009
After many members of Triumph International (Thailand) Labour Union had heard rumours that workers may be dismissed, and also that Triumph International factories in other countries have been temporarily shut down, the Human Resources Manager of Body Fashion (Thailand) Ltd., Mr. Prayoon Wonglek, has just notified workers today that Saturday and Sunday, 26 and 27 June, are special holidays, so they don’t have to come to work because of the reduced quantity of work. Workers will still get their wages as usual. Workers are to return to work on 29 June.


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