29 Jan 2011
As heard among many red shirts: “We are ready and waiting for the word”, ready for bringing about regime change through a democracy “revolution” (การปฏิวัติ), inspired by the recent events in Tunisia. The problem to most red shirts is that there are few real options remaining in the current repressive situation created by the governing regime. A “democratic revolution” is a mass movement which wishes to replace undemocratic and unelected regime with a democratic system of governance.
13 Jan 2011
Now that tens of thousands of you have re-grouped to continue the struggle against the old order, take a few moments to consider my advice, which I hope will be useful to you and society at large.
7 Jan 2011
The United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship has urged the government to take legal action against two Privy Councillors and a former Prime Minister for their comments about the Crown Prince.  A staunch critic of the monarchy has criticized the move.
11 Mar 2010
Jaran Ditta-apichai insists on non-violence, and his non-violence requires mobilizing as many people as possible. ‘Why do we expect a million? Because we use non-violence.  A fight with non-violence is decided by the number of people.  Even with over 200,000 people in April [2009], it was not successful.  The number is the deciding factor of victory.  If the UDD didn’t use non-violence, we wouldn’t need a lot of people.  20,000 well-trained people would be enough.’
21 Jan 2010
(New York) - The government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva largely failed to fulfill its pledges to make human rights a priority, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2010.


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