3 Jun 2016
The authorities in Thailand’s restive Deep South have raided places affiliated to local civil groups, including an environmental group, a student activists group, and a martial art group.     Police and paramilitary rangers raided the house of Asmi Pu, president of Youth Network of Saiburi River, on Thursday at 5:30am. After the house was searched, Asmi was taken to the police station for questioning, according to Wartani, a citizen journalist group, based in  Pattani Province.
25 May 2016
The police have searched the house of student activists campaigning for the Deep South’s right to self-determination. The activists said they felt threatened by the authorities’ action.
10 Feb 2016
A human rights activist in Thailand’s restive Deep South has denied rumours that he is a member of an insurgent group in the region. Wifa-e Molor, 31, a human rights activist based in the Deep South province of Pattani, on Tuesday, 9 February 2016, spoke to the local Wartani News, to reject a rumour that he is a member of an insurgent group affiliated with Abdullayib Dolah, 42, a suspect in the assassination of a Muslim cleric in Pattani.  Abdullayib died in custody in mysterious circumstances on 4 December 2015.
3 Jun 2015
The Thai military detained five students without arrest warrants while carrying out a search and collected DNA samples from another group of students in the restive deep south. According to Wartani, military and security officers from the Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Centre (SBPPOC) stormed into Darussalam Foundation School in Bang Kaew District of southern Phatthalung Province at around 10.20 am on Tuesday and detained five students without arrest warrants.
4 Apr 2015
The military in the restive Deep South on Friday searched and collected DNA samples of civil society workers without warrants after about 20 peace activists were earlier detained.
3 Apr 2015
The military have detained 17 people in the restive southern province of Narathiwat with no explanation given. The arrests are believed to be related to last week’s extrajudicial killing of 4 youths.  
6 Mar 2015
Military officers tried to cancel a media workshop in the restive deep south, claiming that they were ordered to do so by their superiors.
9 Jan 2015
Thai military reportedly killed two suspected insurgents and arrested three suspects during a raid at a school in Thailand’s restive Deep South. However, there are reports that another woman was also killed at the scene. Nearly a hundred military officers surrounded an Islamic school in Mayo District in Pattani Province at around 3 am on Friday in an attempt to arrest suspects believed to be hiding in the school, according Wartani, a local media outlet based in the southern border province of Pattani.
15 Sep 2013
On 13 Sept, Ishmael Hayiwaeji, editor of the news website Wartani based in Pattani, filed a complaint with police after he was visited at home by a group of men who he believed were plainclothes officials.
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