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18 Feb 2015
The military court on Tuesday granted bail to a red-shirt suspect accused of posting a forged royal statement after he had been jailed on remand for seven days.    On Tuesday, the military court granted 400,000 baht bail to Krit B. Earlier last Friday, the court denied him bail, citing flight risk.    The military court’s decision on Friday was highly criticized because the court had granted bail to Nirad Yaowapa, a former editor of the ultra-royalist ASTV-Manager Online, who faced the same charge.
13 Feb 2015
The military court on Friday denied bail to a red-shirt suspect accused of posting a forged royal statement, when the court had earlier granted bail
6 Feb 2015
The military banned a human rights lawyer from meeting a red-shirt suspect accused of publicising the fake Royal Household statement about King Bhumibol, citing martial law.    The statement, falsely claimed to be from the Bureau of the Royal Household, was distributed on Monday night.
28 Oct 2014
The military court allowed four defendants of the ‘Khon Kaen Model’ alleged rebellion case, who had been arrested and detained since late May, to be released on bail due to the defendants’ poor health conditions.  
22 Oct 2014
The Military Court rejected bail requests of red-shirt defendants accused of planned rebellion against the coup makers despite the lacks of evidence, while their lawyers objected having the case tried in the martial court. The nickname ‘Khon Kaen Model’ was given to the cases of 26 defendants, mostly elderly, accused of being hard-core red shirts who planned to rebel against the junta.
14 Oct 2014
  Five suspects, accused of being the ‘Men in Black’, recanted their confessions, and said their confessions were made under duress due to alleged torture and ill-treatment during military detention, according to their lawyer.
4 Sep 2014
The Appeal Court on Thursday affirmed the decision of the Court of First Instance to acquit two red-shirt supporters who were accused of committing arson at the Central World shopping plaza during the 2010 political violence in Bangkok.    The public prosecutor accused Saichon Paebua, 32, and Pinit Channarong, 30, of committing arson at the Central World shopping plaza at Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong shopping district, killing Kittipong Somsuk, a red-shirt supporter who was hiding in the mall.


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