Xayaburi Dam

30 Nov 2015
Administrative Court officials have said that Thai governmental agencies accused of failing to safeguard the public interest by giving the green light to the construction of a controversial hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River should be acquitted.    The Administrative Court, on Monday morning, 30 November 2015, held the final hearing on a case over the Xayaburi Dam, a controversial hydroelectric dam on the main stem of Mekong River, east of Xayaburi Town in northern Laos.
12 Nov 2014
Military and police officers on Tuesday interrupted a private meeting between a lawyer and her clients in northeastern Udon Thani Province, while they were discussing a case related to the environmental impact of a dam. The military also told the lawyer to ask for permission for every meeting with her clients.    Four military and three police officers interrupted the meeting at a hotel in central Udon Thani Province and forced the lawyer to write and sign a letter asking for permission to hold the meeting.
7 May 2011
On the occasion of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit from 7-8 May 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia, the Save the Mekong coalition urgently calls on ASEAN, and the Lao PDR and Thai governments, to immediately halt construction work at the proposed Xayaburi dam site in northern Lao PDR, cancel plans to buy electricity, and to cancel this first dam proposed for the lower Mekong mainstream, which we believe will cause severe cross-boundary conflict among the ASEAN member countries, especially in the Mekong region.
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