Activists call to Khlong Prem, to mark one year of Da Torpedo’s imprisonment

A group of activists called Social Move has sent emails inviting the public to visit Daranee Charnchoengsilapakul at Khlong Prem Prison, at 9.30-11.30 am on July 30, to give her moral support.

Daranee aka Da Torpedo was arrested and detained on July 22, 2008, on lèse majesté charges for what she said in a public speech during a political rally at Sanam Luang in mid 2008.  The court has denied her bail and ordered the hearings be held in secret, claiming the case concerns national security.

The hearings of witnesses for the prosecution were held on June 23-25, and witnesses for the defence will testify on July 28 and Aug 5.

The activists ask those who join the activity to bring flowers and banners in support of Daranee. 


Shame on Thailand. Da Torpedo

Shame on Thailand.
Da Torpedo will soon be hailed as a visionary and as the first Thai with the guts to tell the truth .
Anyone with even an ounce of brains knows that it's gonna be game over for the Thai anachronism the day the current King dies.
And yet the Thai Morons keep on pretending all is fine and perfect in Lalaland...
The plain truth is simple : Thai people will not accept the prince as the next King, and there' s absolutely nothing they can do about it .
Just accept it and get on with it, or perish.
Knowing these people, my predictions are clear: How the end always is , is what Robert Smith will have taught you if u idiots had any brains.