Sathit defends national anthem project using only Bt13m, not Bt60m as alleged

On 5 Oct, PM’s Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey denied as untrue criticism by the Pheua Thai Party and some newspapers that his ‘Thais United, Thais Strong Project’ had squandered Bt60 million of public money.

He said that the project that was being implemented throughout the country, in 76 provinces in 77 days starting and ending in Bangkok on 5 Dec, would use only Bt13 million for the cost of TV broadcasts and organization of activities.

He insisted that implementation under his supervision had been transparent and accountable.  The public can check with TV and radio stations on the frequency and expenses of the broadcasts of the event.

The Minister said that many broadcasters had cooperated very well with the government, and even given more air time than the money they received. So the allegations were unfounded. 


If the minister honestly

If the minister honestly believes, by singing the national anthem together,can bring 'unity' and put an end to the political rift. Why not proposing a bill requiring every mob and demonstration to sing the national anthem prior to any other activities, instead of activating the ISA ?

BTW, was the stabbing people with a flagpole, part of the national anthem project? Or just an extrapolation of certain groups?