Suriyasai: Thaksin has smuggled in weapons for regime change

In a 30 Dec ASTV Manager report, Suriyasai Katasila, Secretary-General of the New Politics Party, said that 2010 would be a turning point for Thailand when Thaksin Shinawatra will collaborate with leftists to overthrow the current regime and establish a new one.

It is likely that they will use military troops to stage a coup, or use other violent means.  Thailand’s security apparatus needs a major overhaul to cope with the threats from Thaksin, which will affect national security far and wide, Suriyasai said.

‘Thaksin is preparing for regime change.  His target is to change the structure and the law,’ he said.  

Referring to the recent seizure of weapons from North Korea at Don Mueang Airport by the Thai Air Force, Suriyasai claimed that he had information and ‘believed that previously there had been a weapons-smuggling flight into Thailand, but the government dared not speak the truth for fear of a public panic.  Now weapons have been smuggled across the Cambodian border, and are ready for use by Thaksin.  It’s likely that he will use the weapons for political operations, with the target being regime change,’ Suriyasai said.