Webmaster of www.norporchorusa.com arrested

Police have arrested the webmaster of a pro-red shirt website for committing lèse majesté, and will make more arrests.

On 1 April, Pol Lt Gen Tha-ngai Prassajaksattru, Commander of the Central Investigation Bureau, led police officers to arrest Thanthawuthi Thaweewarodom, 38, at his apartment at Soi Ramkhamhang 107, Sukhapiban 3 Rd, Lad Phrao, Bangkapi, Bangkok.

Tha-ngai said that police had found the content on www.norporchorusa.com and www.norporchorusa2.com offensive to the monarchy, and in violation of the 2007 Computer Crimes Act.

The websites also broadcast programmes of the red-shirt People’s Channel, based at Imperial World Lad Phrao.

The accused confessed to the police that he had published the content.  The web designer, whose web alias is Red Eagle, developed the websites and has maintained them for 5 months.

The police will arrest his 2-3 accomplices.

‘Most offensive websites are registered abroad, but some are registered in Thailand. The police are investigating and will make more arrests.  This, however, has nothing to do with the red shirts’ protests’, Tha-ngai said.

Thanthawuthi was charged for lèse majesté and offences under the 2007 Computer Crimes Act.

Nor Por Chor stands for the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) in Thai. 



Interesting game this.

Interesting game this.

Police: "Mr Sondhi, I am so sorry, we have an arrest warrant for you here. When might it be convenient for you to pop doan and have a nice chat over a cup of tea?"

Sondhi: "well, its not really convenient at all, can't you go and arrest some reds instead?"

Police: "We can Mr Sondhi, and we will, and there'll be no cha for those dogs loei".

Sondhi: "Well then, off you go..."

Police: "OK, OK Mr Sondhi, I'll just put it down that you were busy, will that be OK? Should be good for another 3 months or so...".

Sondhi: "Great, well, its been really nice to see you, give my best to the prosecutor and tell him I'll pop in and see him sometime. Now fuck off."

Meanwhile, others are simply arrested and banged up.

Good job that nice Mr Abhisit says there's no double standards in Thailand, So sirree.

But then I imagine it's only his old mum and his old and even stupider dog that believe anything Abhsisit says these days. How on earth did Thailand get itself in this mess? Thankyou Mr Prem and co, thankyou so very bloody much.

Arrest all of them including

Arrest all of them including the 6 leaders at Phanfa Bridge. They are all national security risks. We are rice farmers, but don't call my family and my people "Phrai". We don't owe you ; Taksin and the RED, anything and we are not anybody's slave. We are not part of your "Phrai" group. Red leaders and Taksin are disgrace people. Enough already.

So you are a dead man? Don't

So you are a dead man? Don't be so sure of yourself.

Sure of myself?....I will

Sure of myself?....I will tell you what I'm sure of ; having tried to do a days work in a rice field and failing miserably to even last more than a couple of hours, I discovered that these "rice farmers"and other "prai" are the most tough,honest ,kind, hardworking, underpaid and undervalued of any people that I have ever met..OK I,m sorry for my flipant remark,but I have read that ISOC and the powers that be recruit students from right wing military schools, and their elite friends to pose as "prai" and give "misinfomation" and discredit The Red-shirts.Recently I've noticed that the Thai mainstream media is more than ever really getting all the facts wrong....I am surprised that if you are really a "rice farmer" you are still siding with the democrats,who despite raging inflation,refused to raise the minimum wage for labourers in Esarn.By the way,how much does a labourer earn after working all day under the sweltering sun?

I wouldn't automatically

I wouldn't automatically presume that the Abhisit administration is aligning themselves with the far right elements that exist.

I was quite suprised to read that Kasit views the current PM as a liberal democrat which is far different to the staunch conservative that took the position.

This whole scenario, with left and right in a constant show of retaliative force is nothing more than a shift in the balance of the country. The balance of power was initially disturbed by the country's development after the financial crisis when Thaksin was PM. Thaksin was not responsible for the growth, but did take advantage of it. As the country developed more, more people became aware of their 'place' in the country. More people were able to afford televisons and cars and the brand new roads that exist throughout the country, especially in Isan, gave people more mobility. The growth of the telecomunications sector and increase in internet usage have made the country a lot smaller and more people are able to get access to information and to voice their opinion.
New media outlets have also added to their volume.

Along with the changes in infrastructure and improvements to education (Khon Kaen University was ranked number 1 University in Thailand by the Public sector development in 2006 and 2007), and the fact that the populist policy's of he TRT party brought more people out to express their views and needs, Thai people have naturally grown more liberal.

The fact that the democrat government, under Abhisit is actively trying to promote Thai citizens to come forth with their opinions, shows that the administration is willing to find compromise and will tolerate differing view points.

I believe that the distance has grown between the far right elements and the government, as the current government knows it needs to find the correct balance in order for the country to move forward.

If the UDD persist in their

If the UDD persist in their goals to overthrow the amart then there will be no balance, and a return of force from the far right should be expected.

The only way Thailand can break the divide in society is to allow some form of COMPROMISE, and all parties, including the far right need to be able to lessen their stance and find a moderate position that is more acceptable to all – it may not be ideal to them, but if the balance goes to far to one side then the other will come out again in force. I believe 'overthrowing the ammart' is a very hard left view, and will lead to war. Perhaps more moderate goals such as more transparency are possible. I also believe that ripping up the current constitution is also not going to benefit the country as it will drag the country backwards.

Thaksin paved the way for the PAD by trying to remove the checks and balances that exist and was seen as a threat to the country's institutions which are considered sacred by most. The PAD accused Thaksin and his followers as being anti-royals in order to have him over thrown. It has a very hard right stance, which has left Thaksin's supporters confused as to why someone would say that they don't love the Royal family. To say that the red movement is trying to overthrow the monachy is also an exageration, possibly propoganda. I believe without doubt, all Thais wish for the Monarch to remain as head of state. If there are republicans out there, then they are obviously being very quiet.

Now the reds are standing up to that hard right stance because they believe that democracy has been stolen from them, which isn't really true, but the continual pressure upon the opposition parties have meant that they feel strong injustices have taken place.

The reds want 'true

The reds want 'true democracy' ie no closed door discussions which might effect the judiciary processes and also the media.

I think that the recent Khao Yai Thiang land case envolving Surayud Chulanont's land ownership, that happened under the Abhist administation, raises questions as to whether the rule of law is applied fairly to every Thai citizen and this is something that the Reds wish to see.

However, the Amart play an important role in ensuring that the country remains some kind of balance. Thaksin interferred with that balance and went from being 'the best Prime Minister ever' to a fugitive. The new constitution tried to illiminate the possibility of politicians abusing their power for personal gain. It should be noted that the constitutional court also looked into the fact that democrat MP's owned shares in Media companies, something which could easily be used to benefit their party.

Whether Thaksin used his position to gain an advantage for his personal business interests is interesting, because many feel that state owned monopolies leave the consumer (Thai people) with little choice and the lack of competition, or struggling competition, means that prices remain too high and out of reach for many. Had Thaksin not been PM and his and other communications companies lobbied for changes that would open up the playing field more to benefit the consumer, and if the government of the time did, then there would not have been the controversy. The PAD also used the sale of Shin to Tamesak as propoganda, stating that Thaksin had 'sold the country', which is an exageration but brought people into the picture.

I think it is important that politicians realise that it is their job to be a politician and nothing else. Although the case against Samak seemed extremely harsh, it signified the importace of this neccesity.

I think may of the Reds are worried that the current government has alligned itself with the far right in such a way that their new found liberties from the country's development will be taken away from them.

Monkey,I have been reading

Monkey,I have been reading articles from Thai politics for a few years now,both left and right wing and mainstream..And so I can therefore say with all honesty,and without fear of contradiction,that I have never read such utter and complete rubbish in the whole of my time on planet earth,compared to what you have just submitted in your reply. I really don't know where to start,but in the last few paragraphs which is in front of my eyes this very moment,which says: "However, the Amart play an important role in ensuring the country remains some kind of balance"is beyond doubt the dumbest thing anyone could suggest at this present time in Thai political history.I won't bother replying to anymore of you thoughts.Because you are not in touch with reality.Kind regards.From a realist.

ok so how would you have

ok so how would you have removed Thaksin from power, rule of law?

I realize that some kind of reform is needed and that there is a good chance that many Thai institutions have not adapted to the changes brought with Thailand's development, but to completley aim to destroy and 'overthrow the ammart' is futile, dangerous and short sighted.

Did you know that many of the Reds actually find that the way their leaders speak of Prem to be beyond reasonable and have been shocked by the language they have used. It is also true that some are just there to express their dislike to yet more corruption and have no idea how the Ammart will be overthrown exactly.... do you? By forcing an election?

In my view the 'revolution' will be from people opening their eyes to the changes that have taken place in Thailand and possibly the decentralization of a lot of the power from central to local governments.

Yesterday Prachatai's

Yesterday Prachatai's beautiful,kind hearted,honarable webmaster was held in a prison cell for 4 hours for comments on her website which were deemed Lese Majeste, and because she took too long to remove them she is now in fear of her liberty.If you expect me to go into details about "salicious" rumours and the role the Thai Monarchy has played in events, then for Ms Premchaiporns safety and liberty I refuse to explain.But I can explain to you here why the Amart including Prem and the institutionalised biased/corrupt judiciary must be removed first before any progress can be made.By street protest seems the only available method(as the judiciary is void in reasonable peoples minds).You claim that Abhisit has asked for Thai peoples comments on "websites" and encouraged disscusion,well reading the above about Ms Premchaiporn and after Abhisit had promised a room of Oxford students that he "will sort out" the Police arrest of Chiranuch Premchaiporn,and that it was "a mistake".I find it incredible you have the gaul to side with Abhisit.Are you on a self destruct button or what?

Actually I haven't sided with

Actually I haven't sided with anyone. I am just putting across my view that the current government is not neccessarily part of a regime aligned with the far right and elite. However the conspiracy thoery is quite a convincing one, but without proof, it is just conspiracy and is being used to convince the people that they are living under a dictatorship.

Surely, the fact that the government has allowed these demonstrations to take place at all should be some proof that they are not being controlled by the elite?

I do sympathise with the Reds because corruption, inequality and bias do exist in Thailand and should be tackled, in a way that all parties in Thailand can accept.

I see the demonstrations as a good way to push for fairer rule of law and justice, less bias and predjudice and voice concerns over the judiciary, but the changes that Thaksin tried to implement were too much for the existing system/people to handle and by trying again to change things with immediate effect is just not going to work. The reds use of propoganda to achieve their goals and their willingness to 'sacrifice' people in order to achieve democracy is a little bewildering and will fail, especially because they are there following Thaksin who was deemed as being too much of a threat and the media are so against him.

The reason I do sympathise with the reds is that they are being politically persecuted due to their loyalty to the opposition / Thaksin, and there are real predjudices against them.

If Thaksin was out of the picture and they used positive means to back up their claims then I think they would have a much better chance of changing people's attitudes. I have a real dislike to the generalizations by the media that all Reds are paid violent thugs, but what do you expect when Thaksin is still in view?

The Reds calling for 'sacrifices' tonight is not going to achieve sympathy. Takling prejudices takes generations, ask Dr MLK, but I think could be achieved faster if their methods weren't so intrusive on the whole country.

Compared to last songkran though there are some more positive attitudes being aired towards the Red shirts, and they have been called 'emerging active citizens' which is good view of them. But I am worried that they are going to become 'emerging active lemmings' if they try to force anything by increasing the pressure on the government further.

Well Monkey,I appreciate your

Well Monkey,I appreciate your acknowledgement of your "tripe" sentance.I also will acknowledge and accept that things aren't allways simply Black or White.So I will take note your comments.And wish too these political differences could be sorted out by talking .But I personally feel the red-shirts have had no alternative in this instance.As for Abhisit being part of a conspiracy,well thats unlikely.I don't believe in most conspiracy theories.Abhisit being controlled by the elite? well to be perfectly honest,yes.It would be strangely odd if Abhisit couldn't make any decisions himself,wouldn't it.But I would bet my bottom dollar,that when Pusch comes to shove,Abhisit would be overuled as in the GT200 and many other instances.So for that reason alone he should do the honarable thing and call for a free and fair election,for everybodys sake.

The banning of the GT200 at

The banning of the GT200 at this point in time, in my mind, is actually a bad idea. Abhisit did give one reason that if he banned the usage and bombs started going off then he would face critisism, which is true.

I however believe there is a much, much more important reason to continue using it, but if I said what that reason is, it no longer becomes a valid reason.

As long as there is some (even the smallest) level of uncertainty about the device's effectiveness this reason will continue to be valid.

The word starts with a D

Drugs? Twenty-five people


Twenty-five people were killed in Iraq yesterday. The big question was... how did the killers get through the checkpoints and into the area where they did their "work"? The corruption in Iraq is as bad as in Thailand and there is an order of magnitude more money to spend on 'GT200's there. They do have a "special Iraqi model"... and I'll bet it's the reason the murderers got through. The folks running the checkpoint waved their magic wand instead of checking out the reality of the situation and the result was 25 more deaths.

There is no reason to allow people to die because the Military wants to "save face".

The very fact that there is any question about banning the GT200 - about which there is NO doubt of its totally fraudulent nature - is just another indictment of the Thai Military.

Thailand needs an elected government yesterday. Or the day before.

And Abhisit's inability to control the Military is just one more indictment of the civilian members of the present Putsch in power in Thailand.

no. 1 life gone D _ _ _ _ _


1 life gone

D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T

At the same time though, now that it has been proved 'pretty much ineffective' (ok, useless), the military should concentrate their efforts using dogs and normal search techniques, which they have. But still, standing there with something known to be a bomb detector isn't such a bad idea.

Maybe the media in Thailand have mentioned this reason, maybe they haven't, but seriously if you tell everyone that is why you are using it it nullifies the reason.

I haven't seen anyone mention it yet as a reason, which is good.

I suppose the device is

I suppose the device is emblematic of the completely arbitrary selection of victims and of their subsequent mistreatment, frequent torture, and occasional disappearance at the hands Thai Military and Police... but no one in Thailand needs to be reminded that this is the case. Their uniforms alone are sufficiently emblematic of the arbitrary power and utter unaccountablility of the Authorities in Thailand.

"However, the Amart play an

"However, the Amart play an important role in ensuring the country remains some kind of balance"

Yes that sentence is a lot of tripe.

I think what I was trying to express was the importance of the Privy Council with the King as head of state in order to keep the country within acceptable state of balance, and not allow the Government to run in the way that it did.

We are rice farmers, but

We are rice farmers, but don't call my family and my people "Phrai". We don't owe you ; Taksin and the RED, anything and we are not anybody's slave. We are not part of your "Phrai" group. Red leaders and Taksin are disgrace people. Enough already.

Right on!

Arrest all of them including the 6 leaders at Phanfa Bridge. They are all national security risks.

Huh? ...they're standing up for themselves, saying "Enough already!" themselves; trying their best to return an elected government to Thailand.

Respectfully put... They don't owe you. They are not anybody's slaves.

You know what? They can

You know what? They can always build new websites, write blogs, collaborate with the global network of UDD, talk to foreign press, send clips, documents, evidence to foreign press, create space and more networks on social media and do so much more of who-knows-what. In short, the more you cut, the more they grow. Thanks for catalysing multiplier effects, my dear Thai Police and Ministry of ICT. Don't you think that the 'analogue' way of doing things is so obsolete and futile nowadays?


เข้าเวปไม่ได้ ไม่ทราบว่าเกิดอะไรขึ้น