Thai government blocks satellite TV channel, online

The Thai government blocked the broadcasts of an opposition satellite TV channel and an independent online news portal a day after a state of emergency was declared in Bangkok and nearby provinces.

The "Bangkok Post" said Prime Minister's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey announced on the morning of 8 April that the government's Center for Public Administration in Emergency
Situations has successfully blocked all the signals of the People's Channel, which is operated by the pro-Thaksin United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD).

Sathit added that there has been progress in its efforts to "ban the spread of disinformation intended to incite violations of the law."

Meanwhile, independent online news portal was also blocked by order of Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban. Aside from, 35 others, mostly pro-Red Shirt political websites, were also ordered shut down. According to executive director Chiranuch Premchaiporn, INet, the company that hosts the site, confirmed to her that it had received a court order to close down the website.

Chiranuch was charged on 31 March 2010 with 10 counts of violating the Computer-Related Crime Act case law. She was accused of failing to remove immediately from the site's discussion board comments that authorities deemed insulting to the monarchy.

The site's URL now redirects it to a link that contains a message saying the website "has been blocked by a Court could have an affect on or be against the security of the Kingdom, public order or good morals".

In his speech on 7 April, PM Abhisit Vejjajiva said that Bangkok and several outlying provinces have been placed under a state of emergency to better control the situation in the capital. "The government has tried its best to enforce the law, but violations of the law have increased," Earlier that day, legislators were forced to flee the Parliament building either on foot or by a helicopter
after Red Shirt protesters stormed the government building's compound.

The state of emergency gives the government more sweeping powers than the Internal Security Act, under which Bangkok had been placed ever since the UDD or Red Shirts group began its protest rallies in the capital.

According to a report by the Associated Press online says that the state of emergency "allows the military to restore order and allows the government to impose curfews, ban public gatherings of more than five people, censor and ban media from disseminating news that 'causes panic.' It also allows security officials to detain suspects without charge for up to 30 days."

The government has gone fully

The government has gone fully fascist now. This is a truly shameful state of affairs. Did they crack the site? or did they order your hosting service to turn you out?

This is what it's like to live under a Totalitarian Regime. I don't like it. Do any of you?

The Redshirts are the only people showing any resistance to this fascist onslaught and so deserve unqualified support. I have no doubts that they will prevail and that elections will be held. All of Thailand, if not already aghast, will be when the realization of just what has occurred in their country does hit them.

A military government with a false-front, civilian face is in place in Thailand, has arrived here before the one preening in the wings in Burma.

I cannot hear the Redshirts anymore but I have faith in them. I know they are laughing and chanting and singing.

They are the stalwarts of democracy in Thailand the heroes and heroines of the democracy movement. All their self-proclaimed "betters" are shown up, shamed for what they are not in the face of the heroism of the phrai, the common people, the ordinary souls who have finally had enough, who realize there is no one on their side but themselves, and who have decided that they will no longer take "no" for an answer, that four long years is to long, four years too long, for a military dictatorship in Thailand.

Anyone who loves democracy, anyone who believes in popular sovereignty is a Redshirt now.

I wish my fellow Americans could find the courage and commitment of the Redshirts... if we could find the courage the Redshirts have we too could end the criminal binge our nation has been on for the last decade.

Thai Government shuts down

Thai Government shuts down independent media

Prachatai, the only independent web-based newspaper in Thailand has been closed down by the military-backed government. The government has also sent soldiers to close down the Red Shirt TV station and various community radio stations. The aim is to shut down all free media and blanket the country in darkness.

In the meanwhile the rabid Yellow Shirt ASTV media has been given a free hand to broad cast programmes advocating violence against Red Shirts.

They don't even care about appearances anymore. All pretense has been dropped. It's full-blown fascism for Thailand now.

JFL and fellow Prachatai

JFL and fellow Prachatai readers; Thankyou for getting us the New website address. I am still able to view the Red-shirts via It might be worth your while to also keep an eye on Jiles Ungpakhorns Facebook page where he is giving up to date info on accessing the Red-shirt UDD broadcasts.

Well... you're in Great

Well... you're in Great Britain, Darren and we're here inside the "iron curtain". We cannot access or Ji's Wordpress page without using our best technical invention. That's the problem you see. The government is "jamming" them.

Though some of us are able to catch glimpses of the two sites you mention you would be doing us all a service to summarize your impressions, perhaps, in the one case, and your understanding in the other.

Thanks for any help you might give us.

Well its Thursday 8th April

Well its Thursday 8th April 2010.(8.30pm) in UK,my wife and I have been glued to the laptop today as usual,but it seems by the pictures and reports that the peaceful Redshirt Rally is getting even more support,A "farang" English Teacher was today on one of the Redshirt stages saying there were 300,000 plus around the area.International media seems to have finally realised that what the Thai Goverment is telling them is not the true picture.After several incidents when the Redshirts have proved live,that what the Thai mainstream media and Goverment were saying was not the real picture.A bit like the Iraqi minister of infomation,if you like.Its nightime now in Bangkok where the rally is,and the usual nightime entertainment is on.2 comedians at the moment.The entertainment is mixed,from political speeches to rock n roll and of course the latest news.Whatever happens next,it seems to be getting more and more unlikely the goverment has anyway of winning this battle,with or without the use of force.

Thanks for the news Darren!

Thanks for the news Darren! That confirms what I've been able to gather here behind, within actually, the "iron curtain".

It seems certain that the present coalition must bite the dust.

The question is how much more hands-on activity by the people before they are able to bring about elections.

Friday 9th April 2010,(9.40

Friday 9th April 2010,(9.40 am)GMT,.....15.40pm thailand..well I dont know what info Prachatai readers are able to obtain so here is some news,.....Have just been watching and about 10 mins ago the Redshirts forced the soldiers who were guarding the Redshirt satelite tv station to leave,the soldiers looked so down hearted,but the redshirts gave them cold drinks and patted them on the back.Smiles all round.The internet link ( had has momentarily gone down.It seems that the goverment has managed to close the link down.The redshirts have now surruonded the army generals left inside the building.A helicopter that had been monitoring the situation,flew off,once the redshirt gained the upper hand.

BBC has reported same story

BBC has reported same story as I have just posted. saying also that the Redshirts are in control of the Thaicom building.Even though teargas was used against them.They apparently regrouped and managed to take control. 4pm

Thanks for the news Darren. I

Thanks for the news Darren. I appreciate it very much.

That the soldiers left under the eyes of the generals is very interesting. Are they watermelons, or were they allowed to leave by the generals inside the building?

I suppose it's viewed as normal that there are generals inside a satellite tv station in Thailand.

I certainly hope the Redshirts are successful in breaking the putsch' news blockade of Thailand.