24.00 Another death at Klang Hospital: Mr. Tawil Khomwanthie, 43, from brain injuries. No other details.

23.40 Dr.Chaiwan Charoenchoketavee, Director of Vachira Hospital, reported the numbers of injuries and death at the hoslital: 152 injuries and 3 deaths. The deaths included 1) Kanung Chattae, 50, from Bangkok, presumably from heart attack; 2) Private Puriwat Prapan, 25, shot at the head; and 3) Private Anupong Muanglumpan, 21, shot at left eyebrow. Most of the injured are male civillians. The bodies will be sent for forensic examination. There are 5-6 seriously injured from broken bones and gunshot wound waiting for surgery. Dr. Chaiwan also told the reporter that the gunshot were from live ammunitions. Some of the injured soldiers were referred to Siriraj and Rama Hospitals.

23.31 Abhisit said that the deaths of both the soldier and the protesters were from M-79 bullets.

23.29 Abhisit insisted that today operation was to reclaim some space for general public. It was based on the safety of the people with clearly 2 rules on use of forces. Live ammunitions were used in two cases: to shoot up into the sky and for self-defence from immediate threats.

23.30 Civilian Affairs Section of the Emergency Operation Command reported 230 injuries including 90 seriously wounded and one death, Sergent Singha Oonsong, from gunshot at the chest.

23.25 Abhisit asked Thai people via TV Pool not to blame each other to maintain truce and to wait for forensic result of the deaths. He insisted he would never think of his own interest.

23.20 Reporter identified the death at Wachira Hospital as Kanungnit Chattae, 50, from Bangkok. The doctors assumed that he was sufferred from a heart attack as no wound was found on the body. One man was seriously injured, assumably from gun shot at the stomach.

23.00 Vinai Bannanukul, Deputy Director of Ramadhibodi Hospital, said that there were 41 injured persons: 8 seriously wounded with 5 in need of surgery. Vinai did not give details of the injuries except that there were 'holes' in their bodies. There was one death,a civilian shot at the stomach. Vinai was upset with one protester who had received treatment from the hospital and later shown up on red shirt stage in hospital patient dress. This, according to Vinai, damaged the reputation of the hospital.

22.50 Matichon Online referred to Erawan Center's report of 486 injuries and 8 deaths (5 at Klang Hospital and 3 at Hua Cheaw Hospital)

22.50 Staff of Klang Hospital identified the fifth death as Jaroon Chaiman.

22.15 Dr. Pitchya Nakwatchara, Director of Klang Hospital, confirmed the death of Wasant Phuthong, 39. 

Dr. Pitchya also said that there are 2 soilders among all the injured. All those injured before 6 pm were from blank or rubber bullets while most of those injured after 6 pm are from life ammunition, which is the main cause of all six deaths at Klang Hospital.

 21.40 Dr. Pitchya Nakwatchara, Director of Klang Hospital, said via TPBS that there were at least 5 deaths

1. Hiroyuki Muramoto, reporter for Reuter, shot at the chest

2. Sawat Wangam, 43, red shirt guard, head hit by hard object

 3. Tawattanachai Kludsuk, 36, from Nontaburi, shot at the chest

4. Toschai Mekngarmfah, shot at left chest

5. Unidentified

All presumably died at the scene. Two other seriously injured.

See photos of dead bodies (graphic violence): http://weareallhuman.net/index.php?showtopic=46497&s=db9c5538d69a4c2e589... (probably have to use proxy if you're in Thailand.)

21.54 Nuttawut is explaining to the red shirts why he has negotiated with the government and agreed to stop the confrontation: to prevent more casualties and injuries. The gathering at Phan Fah will still continue for tonight. Injured protesters will be sent to hospital.

21.39 Two dead bodies of red shirts have been brought on the stage at Phan Fah

21.30 NBT channel reported that the red shirts tried to take two death bodies, Umpol Sirirat and Yutthana (surname unknown), from Hua Chiew Hospital to the stage at Phan Fah.

21.19 Red shirts leaders announced another death, Wasant Phuthong and that the fight has come to an end. They asked the military to stop shooting the people. 

21.10 Nuttawut Saikua announced on Phan Fah stage that Kobsak Sapawasu, PM's Secretary, informed him that the military was ordered to ceasefire. Nuttawut asked the red shirts to retreat from clash sites.

21.10 Prachatai reporter from Kok Wua intersection reported that two foreign tourists were injured by soldiers. One was shot at the chest after having shouted 'Fuck You!' to the soldiers.  They have been sent to hospital.

20.55 Dr. Pitchya Nakwatchara of Klang Hospital told Prachatai that Mr. Sawat Wangam, 43, red shirt guard, had died before reaching the hospital. His skull was hit cracked.


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