Students not allowed lawyers when interrogated by CRES

On 2 May, Secretary-General of the Students Federation of Thailand Anuthee Dejthewaporn and two other students reported as summoned to the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation at the 11th Infantry Headquarters.

The students were met by Lt Col Wiboon Sricharoensukying, Deputy Commander of the 11th Infantry Battalion.  They were denied the right to bring in their lawyers to hear the interrogation, and were told not to worry as it was just for talks with police and there was no need for lawyers.

Over 50 people gathered in front of the 11th Infantry HQ to give moral support to the three students.    

When they came out at about 4 pm, the students were met with over 20 supporters remaining.

The Students Federation of Thailand released a statement condemning the summonses of the students as threats to the people.    

On 30 April, Salaktham Tojirakarn, a 5th year medical student of Chulalongkorn University and the son of red-shirt leader Dr Weng, also reported to the CRES.