Another 10 April victim dead

On 15 May, Anan Sirikulwanich, a red shirt who was shot in the throat by an M16 during the 10 April clash, died at Central Hospital.   His body is now at Phlab Phla Chai Temple, Pavilion 4, and the cremation ceremony will be held on Tuesday 18 May.

He is survived by his wife and a daughter who is studying Matthayom 6, or the last year of high school. 

Those who wish to make a donation to his family can make transfers to the bank account of Kornthong Sirikulwanich, his wife (Account number 054-470-436-202, Government Savings Bank, Pom Prab Branch). 

Those who wish to attend the funeral, see the map:วัดพลับพลาไชย