Chronology 19 May (22.00 pm)

 22.30 - Mark MacKinnon tweeted that an ambulance had picked up the injured in Patumwanaram Temple after a ceasefire was negotiated.

21.00 - Sapan Luang and Chan Road branches of Bankok Bank were set on fire.

21.00 - It is reported that the CRES requested Patumwanaram temple's abbot to take the children who are taking refuge in the temple out of the compound. The abbot refused and insisted that everyone was safe inside the temple.

20.30 - Matichon Online: Bangkok Spokeperson reported 12 arson cases after the UDD leaders turned themselves in: 1. Siam Paragon and Siam Square, 2. Centara Hotel, 3. Stock Exchange of Thailand, 4. one building in Bon Kai area, 5. Bangkok Bank and Krung Thai Bank, Asok branch, 6. Narcotic Control Unit and 7-11 store, 7. Bangkok Bank and Government Saving Bank, Din Daeng branch, 8. Maleenond building, 9. Bangkok Bank and Lotus supermarket, Rama IV branch, 10. Metropolitan Electricity Bureau, Klong Toey branch, 11. Central World Department Store, and 12. Bangkok Bank, Victory Monument branch.

20.50 - Mark Mackinnon, a foreign journalist, tweeted from inside Patumwanaram Temple that there were several wounded people there who could not get to the hospital due to continued fighting outside. 

19.00 - The Food and Drug Administration distribited 10,000 sets of painkiller to 6 hospitals in Bangkok: Rama Thibodi (2,000), Rajvithi (2,000), Lerd Sin (2,000), Phyatai I (1,000), Kluay Nam Thai (1,000) and Mongkutklaw (2,000)

18:13 - The National Bank of Thailand declares Thursday and Friday bank holidays.

18.10 - CRES decalred Emergency Decree in 2 more provinces: Kalasin and Mukdahan.

Wuttichart Kanlayanamitr, Executive Management of the Transport Co., Ltd., announced that the Company's and other companies' inter-provincial buses would stop services of all route leaving Bangkok after 20.00.

18.00 - Central World Plaza building was badly affected by the fire. The building may collapse at any moment.

17.10 - The protesters left the Ubon Ratchathani provincial hall and then gathered at the People Voice radio station to prevent potential attempt to close it down. There were 6 people injured from the clashes. Two, including one woman, were seriously injured.

17.05 - Helicopters flew above Pratunam area while notifying the protesters to go back home.

17.00 - Helicopters were used to recue people trapped in Maleenond building (Channel 3 station).

16.45 - Military set up tents in Suphachalasai Stadium since 13.00 to handle the protesters from Ratchaprasong area. The protesters had to register their names and be interviewed by the military. Then the Ministry of Interior grouped them according to their regions and led them to the buses. The bused would take them to Mo Chit bus station and Bang Sue railway station. After 200-300 people left, no more people went to register there. Tens of protesters were waiting for their relatives to pick them up.

17.00 pm - CRES announced that all TV stations will soon broadcast a "special programme".

16.20 pm - Nation TV reported that the NBT TV station in Khon Kaen was set ablaze.

16.00 pm - The protesters in the Victory Monument area who earlier declared themselves independent from UDD leaders smashed Siam Commercial Bank and 7-11 on the way towards Din Daeng Intersection.

16.15 pm - Government declared a curfew between 20.00 today to 6.00 tomorrow in Bangkok.

15.30 pm - Chiang Mai: Smoke was seen at the residence of the Assistant Provincial Officer. Fire trucks were sieged by the protesters. Tha Pae road was blocked. 

15.15 pm - A group of people broke in the Stock Exchange of Thailand and tried to set fire on its ground floor.

15.00 pm - Ubon Ratchathani: 2 protesters, one male and one female, were shot dead. The protesters said the shots were fired from the troops. Reporter said the protesters had only sticks, bamboo rockets, gasoline and rubber tyre and no other weapons. The upper stories of the Porvincial Hall collapsed. No fire truck in the compound.

Nonthaburi: Around 500 protesters burned rubber tires and prepared to burn the Provincial Hall.

Bangkok: Windows of department stores in Ratchaprasong area were smashed. The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority halted all services. The front building of the Klong Toey Metropolitan Electricity Authority was set ablaze.

14.40 pm - Bon Kai: The protesters dismissed the decision of the UDD leaders. A group of wooded men smashed ATMs. 

14.38 pm - Fire broke up at two spots at Klong Toey intersection; one near Kasikorn Bank, Klong Toey branch. CP Freshmart was smashed. The protesters tried to evade Channel 3 building.

14.20 pm - The protesters burned tires on inbound Phaholyotin road in front of Imperial Mall, Ladprao branch. Heavy traffic towards the city.

Rubber tires were burned near Zeer Rangsit mall.

14.20 pm - The old building of the Khon Kaen provincial hall was burnt down. The fire spread to an adjacent building. Soldiers from the 23 Provincial Army got into the area but as yet there had not been orders on what to do.

Mukdahan: The provincial hall building was on fire. Firemen were blocked by the protesters. It was not clear who led these 500 angered protesters.

14.00 pm - The CRES announced that it had successfully "encircled" the Sam Yan, Henri Dunant and Pratunam areas. However, since the terrorists had caused huge damages, it had to order its troops to make further advances.

13.45 pm - The CRES was successful in forcing the UDD leaders to end the protests and give in to the police.  The CRES claimed to gain control of the situation, and tried to facilitate the protesters who wished to go back home to gather at the Suphachalasai National Sports Stadium. 

13.45 pm - Around 100 red-shirts who joined the group demanding for peace in front of the UN ofice were emotional when they heard that UDD leaders turn themselves in. Some shouted "this is not about the leaders, it is about the people!". Some protesters tried to calm down their peers. Unarmed police had set up a barricade in that area to stop the protesters from walking towards the Army Headquarters.

13.15 pm – 300 – 400 red shirts in Lam Chabang gathered and set up a stage at the Thai Oil Refinery plant, blocking the entrance from Sukhumvit Rd.  They attacked the government for the violent crackdown.  The provincial governor is going to meet with them.

The old building of Udorn Thani provincial hall has been burned.  The protesters threatened to burn the provincial governor’s residence.  

12.50 pm - 200 people gathered in front of UN office. They were holding placards with "stop killing the people" message. Homayoun Alizadeh, the Regional Representative for South-East Asia, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, allowed 8 representatives to meet with him inside the UN compound. More and more people joined the gathering in front of UN.

12.45 pm - No more protesters and military left at Prachasongkroa intersection.

12.40 pm - Udonthani: UDD protesters burned tires at Tung Sri Muang Ground and occupied Proincial Hall. They demanded the government to stop cracking down the demonstration in Bangkok.

12.26 pm - Gen Lertrat Rattanavamich, a  senator: Jatuporn, the UDD leader, will turn himself in at the National Police Bureau around 13.00. 

Earlier this morning, 175 MP from Puea Thai Party filed a motion to impeach the PM and Suthep for the violent crackdown of the demonstration.

Death toll since 10th April: 71

12.25 pm - A group of protesters sieged an air-conditioned bus and used it to block Rama IV road near Mandarin Hotel, Sam Yan area.

12.20 pm - Rubber tires were burned at Prachasongkroa intersection, and ping pong bombs thrown. Two companies of polic troops were deployed. 

12.05 pm - There is no demonstration in Nakorn Ratchasrima since local red-shirts leaders mobilised people to join demonstration at Rajprasong. Military occupied Suranaree Monument ground where the UDD usually stage a rally.

The Second Region Army Commander ordered the police to siege used rubber tires in northeastern provinces under Emergency Decree. 

Fice companies of Border Patrol Police standby in Fatima Church in Din Daeng.

A group of people gathered near Din Daeng Flat and booed at the troops.

Chiang Mai Governor ordered all government offices in the Provincial Hall to close.

12.00 pm - The Police General Hospital admitted 2 men, Santi Tapcharoen and Wichai Phrommas. They were seriously injured from gunshot wound at the head and the neck.

11.57 am - There were 17 injured at Police General Hospital. Among them were 3 foreigners; one died from gunshot at the left chest. Journalists were trapped in the clash site. Injured people cannot get out. The UDD demanded the government to stop the crackdown since many people get injured.

11.53 am - Channel 7: Another foreign journalist injured

11.50 am - Spring News: The UDD leaders told the children, women and the elders to take refuge because the situation was bad. Most of the protesters said they were not afraid but worried about the children and the elders. Many people brought the children to the safe area and went out to the protest site again. Patumwan Temple was crowded with many children and elders.

In Nonthaburi, Rattanatibeth road was closed because the protesters were afraid that the military may try to crackdown the protest. The protesters prepared to burn rubber tires if the military encroach.

11.35 am - CRES announced that the authorities now takes control of Lumpini area and that some UDD leaders already fled. CRES asked the public to inform the police if they see the fleeing leaders. 

11.35 am - UDD leaders at Rajprasong told local leaders in other provinces that they can make decisions on their own. They also asked the military to tell the government to stop shooting, withdraw the troops and make negotiation. If the government wants a democratic society, please withdraw the troops and negotiate the ceasefire, they said. If the government goes on with the crackdown, the protesters from other provinces said they would not stop the demonstration. 

11.30 am - Khon Kaen: 500 red-shirts gathered near Ratchadanusorn Park. The protesters set off fireworks. Another group of protesters burned rubber tires near Mitraphab road.

Mukdaharn: After being denied a meeting with the provincial governor, the UDD gathered at provincial hall.

Chiang Mai: Red-shirts protesters gathered in front of Waroros hotel.

Bankok Bank closed all branches in central Bangkok.

11.15 am - At Police Hospital, there were 12 injured, including a foreign TV reporter hurt in the stomach.  According to Spring News, dead bodies found inside Suan Lumpini had been taken away by Wachira Centre rescue team.

11.00 am - Sounds of explosion and gunfire in Sam Yan.  Rubber tyres were burned at the intersection.

10.50 am - Channel 7 reported on two dead bodies found inside Suan Lumpini.

10.37 am - TPBS reported on a dead body of a UDD guard with red neckerchief behind the bunker at Suan Lumpini.

10.30 am - In Khon Kaen,red shirts gathered at three spots including the provincial hall, Bung Kaen Nakhon (Lake) and the red radio station.

10.20 am - Red shirts at the Victory Monument vowed to fight with non-violence, not clashing with the troops.  In Klong Toey, Pratheep Ungsongtham also said the same to the crowd.

10.20 am - UDD leaders in Rajprasong distributed towels to prevent tear gas.

10.15 am - Niran Phithakwatchara, National Human Rights Commissioner, said to Spring News that all sides had already overstepped non-violence and gone beyond negotiations.  UDD leaders must stop the rally to prevent loss, and enter the legal process.

09.50 am - Pravit Rojanaphruk reported that Jaral Dittha-apichai, the UDD leader, told one senior NGO worker that the UDD leaders are willing to turn themselves in. But around 3,000 protesters did not let them do so. 

09.50 am - Spring News reporter insisted that there was no pouring of petrol into the Klong Toey MTR station. There were burning tires under the expressway. The leaders at Klong Toey stage asked the propesters to retreat from the area to escape gunshots which are being heard now and again from the direction of the military post. 

The military reported that there was explosive materials near Thai-Belgium bridge and Lumpini BTS station.

The Psychological Warfare Unit told the reporters to leave Sala Daeng area so that they do not get into the way while the military dismantle the protesters' bunker. 

09.48 am - Spring News reported that the military did not allow the reporters to get into the clash area.

09.41 am - Pol. Maj. Gen. Surapong Pongaram,the Director of the Police General Hospital, told Spring News that there was no deaths so far. There were 9 injuries, 4-5 of them were shot.

09.35 am - Panithan Wattanayakorn, the PM's Secretary General, announced that CRES was trying to further encircle the demonstration to relieve the situation. CRES would inform the public from time to time of the progress of the attempt. It requested the public to avoid entering the area and asked the local government officers and Bangkok Metropolitan staff to stand by for emergency relief. The public was requested to call 199 if they witness arson.

09.33 am - UDD leaders announced on stage: "The day we have been waiting has come. It's you or us. But we will stay here".

09.14 - Associate Professor Adisorn Patradul, M.D., the King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital's Director, told Spring News that the hospital's emergency unit is not affected from the smoke and is still operating. It can accommodate 100 patients at a time. So far no injured person was sent to the hospital. There are 250 police officers guarding the hospital.

09.00 - INN reported that Mr. Wattanachai Iamnak, one of the protesters, was shot dead at Sarasin intersection. He was shot at the chest and was sent to the Police General Hospital. The protesters in Sarasin area said that there were snipers near Lumpini Park.  

06.30 am - Fire broke up at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) building at Din Daeng intersection. No fire brigades arrived. The wind was quite strong. Reporters saw black smoke around the Century building.

06.15 am - Troops fired water cannons at the protesters’ bunkers at the King Rama VI statue, Suan Lumpini.  Troops were deployed under the Thai-Belgium bridge, and a command centre was stationed there.

06.12 am - At Sala Daeng intersection, troops opened fire about 20 rounds from the BTS pedestrian bridge in front of the Robinson mall to clear the space below.

06.10 am - Troops made announcements through loudspeakers.  Troops were stationed behind armoured personnel carriers and at many nearby spots, crouching in stand-by position.  Military officers told reporters to hide behind covers, and warned them of the possible danger of explosives.

05.50 am - Three armoured vehicles arrived at Sala Daeng intersection. Troops were deployed.  No movements of protesters.

05.50 am - About 15 military trucks drove along Sathorn Rd, under the protection of the Border Patrol Police.  The military distributed flak jackets and helmets to reporters, and warned them to remain 50-100 meters behind the police line.  Hundreds of foot soldiers walked following the trucks to the Wireless Rd, with medical units.

05.45 am - About 30 armoured personnel carriers moved on Si Lom Rd towards Sala Daeng intersection.

05.00 am  - UDD leaders at Rajprasong told the protesters to gather in front of the stage, announcing there would be no attempts to burn or destroy properties to show that it was a peaceful gathering.

04.00 am - About 30 armoured personnel carriers were stationed in front of the Democrat Party.  Troops patrolled at the Victory Monument where a bout 300 protesters were gathering.  Reporters had withdrawn from there.

03.30 am - About 20 buses carrying troops with armoured personnel carriers, motorcycles and police detention vehicles arrived at Si Lom.  Armed troops were stationed on the Si Lom Rd.  No movement of protesters at Suan Lumpini.

02.00 am - Sounds of gunfire at Din Dang.  One injured.

01.15 am - A twitter of a reporter for Channel 3 said that there was a sound of M79 exploding at Soi Ngam Du Plee, Bon Kai.  Injuries were reported.  Rescue teams faced difficulties as it was dark and dangerous.



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