Red shirt Brahman sentenced to 8 months in jail for violating Emergency Decree

Sakon Nakhon court has sentenced Sakrapee Phromchat, who as a Brahman led the red shirts’ blood-pouring ritual in front of Government House in March, to 8 months in jail for blocking traffic and instigating unrest during a protest in the province.


On 2 Aug, Sakrapee Phromchat, who led the red shirts’ blood ritual on 16 March in Bangkok, turned himself in to police in Phang Khon District, Sakon Nakhon.  An arrest warrant had been issued over his involvement in a red-shirt protest in the district on 18 May.  He confessed to the charges.

At 6.30 pm, the provincial court sentenced him directly to 8 months in jail.
He is now detained at Sakon Nakhon provincial prison.