Another Abhisit flip-flop vendor arrested

Police arrested a flip-flop vendor at the red shirt rally at Ratchaprasong intersection, and confiscated about 100 pairs of flip-flops bearing the PM’s face.

ASTV-Manager reports that at 9 pm on 19 Nov, police arrested Kornkamon Pornhit who was selling flip-flops printed with the face of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva at the red-shirt rally at Ratchaprasong intersection, and confiscated about 100 pairs.   

Pol Maj Gen Ronnasilp Pusara, Metropolitan Police commander, said that the police made the arrest to check whether the flip-flops were considered items prohibited by the announcement of the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) or not.  However, he said that the vendor might probably be fined only for obstructing the footpath.

Earlier, at about 11.30 am, Army Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha, in his capacity of Head of the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situation, issued a CRES order under the Emergency Decree to prohibit possession or distribution of any goods, clothing, or other materials which bear pictures, illustrations or anything that will instigate unrest or cause disunity among the public. 

The penalty for the offence is imprisonment for up to two years, or a fine of up to 40,000 baht, or both.


PM admits he's out of the

PM admits he's out of the loop

"I understand the CRES issued the order because it was concerned about acts which could offend the monarchy," said Mr Abhisit, insisting he only learned about the order yesterday morning.

"In this regard, to step up security measures alone should be enough. Issuing that order will only widen social rifts as it affects individuals' rights. I want them to revise the order," he said.

He 'wants them' to revise the order. But he knows he cannot order them to do so. The CRES is ruining, I mean running, the country.

People found guilty of breaching the ban, signed by army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha, could face up to two years in jail and be fined up to 40,000 baht.

Even the Ministry of Dis-Information, a Vejjajiva family operation, admits that
the CRES is making law by decree... what authority does the military, in this case through the CRES, have the power to arbitrarily decide what is lawful and what is not and set penalties?

It is true that Bangkok and neighbouring provinces are still under the emergency decree, but unless there are some previously obscured provisions, the decree does not remove the legislative and judicial branches entirely from the legal process. [ it was the coup of 1 October, 2010 that removed the legislative and judicial branches entirely from the legal process - ed. ]

A second question is why the monarchy was brought into the ban. Clearly materials with photos, graphics or text offensive to the monarchy would already be covered by the nation's lese majeste laws. No such materials have been reported.

This seems to be part of a disturbing trend to equate criticism of the government with criticism of the monarchy.

...the parliament has been effectively disbanded, so let's have an election!

And then charge the members of the present putsch with lèse majesté for 'equating criticism of the government with criticism of the monarchy'.

Let them spend a couple of decades in Klong Prem meditating on authoritarian government.

Some Thai people are offended

Some Thai people are offended by the yellow PAD royal flag, so much so that they fling it into the nearest river at the first opportunity. Would Mr Prayuth describe this as another case of political material causing "disunity" in Thailand? If so, perhaps the grumpy General should ban the royal flag too.

PPT links to Vejjajiva Press,

PPT links to Vejjajiva Press, indignant that their man has been dissed by the Dictator...

CRES defies Abhisit over 'disunity' ban

The Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation has defied Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's wishes by refusing to reverse its ban on anti-government souvenirs.

The souvenirs, which are being sold by red shirt protesters, carry messages which the CRES claims cause disunity and offend the royal institution.

A source said yesterday Defence Minister and CRES director Prawit Wongsuwon and army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha insisted the ban, issued last Friday, would remain in effect even though Mr Abhisit believed it violated people's right to free speech.

The prime minister said on Saturday he would ask the CRES to revise the ban.

"The order will not be revoked or changed but the CRES has explained to government officials and police that it applies only to things that offend the [royal] institution," the CRES source said.

"Those items conveying political views are acceptable.

...too little, too late.

These guys have routinely defied HM King Bhumipol's wishes with their lèse majesté witch hunts. They have a very well developed habit of defiance and insubordination to their nominal leaders.

They defy HM the King himself, you think they're going to listen to some preppy from Britain?