It’s all up to the political party registrar, as EC has no authority

Election Commissioner Sodsri Sattayatham says that it is entirely up to the Political Party Registrar to decide whether he will resubmit the dissolution case against the Democrat Party, as the EC has no such authority.  A red-shirt leader plans to file charges against the Political Party Registrar for malfeasance.

On 13 Dec, Sodsri Sattayatham, Election Commissioner responsible for political party matters, said that it was up to the Political Party Registrar to consider whether or not to resubmit the 258-million-baht donation case to the Constitution Court, if the Phue Thai Party asks the EC to do so, as she and the other three commissioners were just subordinates of EC Chair Apichart Sukhagghanond, who also acted as Political Party Registrar.

The four of them are just ‘small’ commissioners, with no power.  So Apichart can do whatever he wants, because according to the Constitution Court’s ruling, all authority in the dissolution of political parties belongs to the Political Party Registrar, she said.

The EC will not discuss the dissolution case at its meeting on 14 Dec, because this is up to the Political Party Registrar, the EC has no authority and its decision is meaningless, she said.

Meanwhile, Somyos Phreuksakasemsuk, leader of the red-shirt group 24 June Democracy, will on 16 Dec file criminal charges with police against Apichart for malfeasance.