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Leaked DSI report reveals shooting of teenager

Of the 10 cases in the leaked Department of Special Investigation (DSI) report on the military crackdown on red shirts was the little-known death of the 14-year-old orphan, Kunakorn Srisawan - probably a bystander who was mowed down by a soldier's bullets on May 15.

The "leaked" report concluded that "there exists reasonable evidence" to suggest Kunakorn was killed when soldiers were shooting at a van during a stand-off near the Rajprarob Rail Road's Airport Link area in the early hours of May 15. Kunakorn had apparently run away from the International Muslim Foundation Orphanage.

Witness Number 4, whose name is being withheld, said: "The van was hit on its wheels and [the witness] saw three soldiers shooting at the vehicle continuously.

After the shooting ended, a soldier used the butt of his gun to smash the left window and drag the person onto the military's truck, which took the injured to Phya Thai 1 Hospital," the witness said, adding that Kunakorn was one of the injured put on the military truck. "The soldiers gave no warnings for the car to stop before opening fire."

However, another witness said the soldiers issued verbal warnings before they opened fire. According to the autopsy report, Kunakorn died in hospital of gunshot wounds from a high-velocity bullet to his abdomen.

Witness Number 5 said he had seen the boy milling around the soldiers' bunker and had tried to talk him into leaving the area but failed.