Red Sunday leader indicted for a second case

Sombat Bun-ngam-anong has received a second indictment for violating the Emergency Decree.

On 27 Jan, Sombat was charged by the public prosecutor for joining a political gathering of 5 or more people, blocking traffic and disturbing public order in an area where an emergency had been declared.  The Bangkok North Municipal Court accepted the case and scheduled the examination of evidence for 18 March.

According to the public prosecutor, on 18 May 2010 at 1.50 pm, Sombat made a speech on stage under the expressway at Din Daeng while tyres were being burnt and the smoke disturbed the public.

Sombat said that he already had two cases before the court for the same alleged crime.  The other case involves his gathering with about 80 people at a small park near Lad Prao 71 on 21 May 2010.

In this second case, he joined an activity in which about 40-50 protesters stripped to their underwear to symbolically show that they were unarmed and called on the military to stop shooting. 

He is the only person who has been prosecuted for that activity.  He believes that this is because the authorities want to intimidate him into stopping his political activities.  But it does not work, he said.