Sondhi urges Thai military to seize Angkor Wat in exchange for Preah Vihear

Yellow-shirt leader Sondhi Limthongkul has urged the Thai military to seize Cambodian territory, including Angkor Wat, to barter for Preah Vihear Temple.

On 7 Feb, Sondhi spoke to supporters of the People’s Alliance for Democracy gathering at Makkhawan Bridge next to Government House.

He said that in a war campaign, Thailand, if it had a strong premier, would have tried to take a military advantage before conducting any negotiations, but even this was beyond Abhisit Vejjajiva’s wit.

The PAD has predicted in advance that there will be a prolonged war with the potential to escalate further, because Hun Sen has assigned his 33-year-old son to take command of the conflict, he said.

Abhisit has always said that he insists that the watershed demarcates the border between Thailand and Cambodia, but has allowed Cambodia to refer to the 1:200,000 map.  He is a weak prime minister.  Otherwise, he would have ordered the Thai armed forces to push back Cambodian soldiers from Thai territory, and tried to take advantage by letting the Air Force show its power, before starting any negotiations, he said.

The Thai armed forces should move forward to seize Battambang, Siem Riap, Angkor Wat and Koh Kong.  And then, in negotiations which would be arbitrated by China and ASEAN, Thailand would barter them for Preah Vihear and force Cambodia to adopt the watershed for border demarcation instead of the 1:200,000 map, according to Sondhi.        

He said that a diplomatic approach should not be used in a military campaign.  Thailand must take the most advantageous position before any negotiation, and it is not making war with China or Vietnam, but with Cambodia which has no warships.  Thailand must wield its greater military power when it has to.

‘[To] whoever says that we’re mad for war, none of us sitting here want our children to [go to war and] die, but to die for a great cause, to protect the land, is worth it.  We have 300,000 soldiers who are better equipped than Cambodian soldiers, but we lack the guts, because the senior military figures serve evil politicians.  Today, [Defence Minister] Gen Pravit Wongsuwan is not a soldier, but a politician who says anything for political gain.’

Thai soldiers have been killed today because Thai generals are not decisive because it conflicts with their own interests, such as exporting petrol to Cambodia or selling goods along the border. The Thai military must hold on to the nation and the throne, not Gen Pravit, because nothing is more important than the nation, the King and the Queen, he said.   


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The self-styled "jek" is mouthing the not-so-secret yearnings of the Thai military in order to resurrect himself as a player in Thai politics. He knows who's in charge. He knows who to kneel before.

If Thailand had a strong premier that premier would have denounced the PAD as the fascists they are, ordered the Thai military to stand down, rather than rubber stamping their 'artillery exercise', aka invasion plans, for Cambodia and then rallied the Thai people to come out, stand together, and face down the military, once and for all, à la Tahrir Square.

But Thailand does not have any strong leaders and so the military is running amok. It is up to the Thai people themselves to rally and enforce, not a military coup, but a coup on the military - to decapitate the military, split them up, into, say 76 national guard units for instance, with each piece firmly under local civilian command.

This man has gone crazy by

This man has gone crazy by saying the above things (seizing Battambang, Siemreap, etc). Along with Chamlong, Sonthi is becoming irrational each day. He is now aware that he was merely being used by the military, the ammat, and the elites in his campaign against Thaksin. He is useless now and only has rhetorics as his last weapon. His supporters have disappeared and his rallies never draw more than 5,000 people.

I tend to agree and hope

I tend to agree and hope you're right that he won't survive this last leap off the deep end. But... look at Samak Sundaravej... a degenerate murderer and rabble rouser who was elected the ruler of Bangkok! before he was tapped by Thaksin to head his rump party.

It's not just in Thailand that only the good die young. George Bush and Toney Blair, both world-renowned war criminals, were both re-elected as well.

"George Bush and Toney Blair,

"George Bush and Toney Blair, both world-renowned war criminals..."

And what court has convicted them? I haven't been living in Thailand so long that I've forgotten or given up on the phrase "Innocent until proven guilty." I'm OK with "world-renowned alleged war criminals" though.

As for Samak, I'm afraid Thailand had forgotten about Oct 6, 1976 or they chose to ignore it.

Nice method of name dropping as it allows the smears to be spread around a bit.

I wonder if some Thai people

I wonder if some Thai people feel ashamed when reading this?

I mean, it shows how stupid, ignorant, vain, egotistical and brain-damaged they are.

They behave, as usual, like angry teenagers

This country does not have adult supervision.

This picture is very veeery

This picture is very veeery suitable to discribe the yellow shirts leaders. Good choice of picture.
Khamen in Thailand

crazy guy, just hope next

crazy guy, just hope next time another bullet wont miss him!

I'd hope that no makes a

I'd hope that no makes a murderer of themselves blasting this kind of degenerate lunatic.

I hope that the Thais just turn their backs on him when he rises to speak. Let him wither and die on his own poison vine.

'peacelover' suggests a

'peacelover' suggests a bullet as a solution. So who else, apart from Sondhi L, is crazy?

Ahhh! But if you could, would

Ahhh! But if you could, would you go back in time to, say, 1930 and kill Hitler before he could do the damage he did?

Ah... but you cannot, can

Ah... but you cannot, can you? 'Arguments' like this, based upon absurdly impossible hypothetic situations, are often brought up in defense of murder, torture, and aggression. They are meant to be excuses, of course, not arguments. Argumentation is the last thing wanted once the rabble rousers have us rabble roused.

JFL is correct, it is absurd

JFL is correct, it is absurd to consider traveling back into time. However, some physicists theorize that it is possible to send and receive messages through time. It could be very conceivable that Hitler could deliver a message such as this for Sondhi, "I want royalties for using my ideologies, tactics, and symbol."

NPP logo!

Oh please . . . . what Thai

Oh please . . . . what Thai Air Force? Most of their F16s are grounded. Perhaps only one or two are kept air worthy for the playboy to play with.

Well, from what I understand

Well, from what I understand the Thai airforce does have a blimp, a few Swedish Gripen fighter jets and one mad dog of an Air Chief Marshal named FuFu.

I love you James. You're damn

I love you James. You're damn funny, you really made my day.

Why not make people, Mr.

Why not make people, Mr. Yellow-shirt leaders? Not accept the fact? You won't live longer, but the younger generation will. Keep lives for people in both countries. No one needs bloodshed. I think you should find the way out by not shedding bloods.

Angkor Wat, Preah Vihear and a few temples are on my land. This is the fact and it is recognized by the world body. You claim they are yours, so the decision of the international court is bullshirt? useless?

Think about this and make the right decision for the fate of people in the two countries.

Siem Reap

To all yellow shirt and

To all yellow shirt and stupid childish leaders, you have lost and confused your identity and you are confusing and ignorant about where your ancestors came from. Preah Vihear was built by true khmer ancestors and is now in the sovereingty and territerial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia. You have nothing as inheritances from your ancestors but just blood thirsty and animal brains and other khmer prides including human resources, culture, language, tradition, dances and so on. You have fucking thick and shamefull faces, you have no civilization. Go back homes and read books about the glory of Angkor wat and you will know where the fuck you came from. I appreciate some thais who know the khmer empire history and very sorry for those who have been brainwashed by their ignorant leaders. Understanding this, there will be no war again between the two nations.

Sondhi: "none of us

Sondhi: "none of us sitting here want our children to [go to war and] die..."

misleading, as the children that are sent off to die are the children of the poor. The higher up the families of military men and women are on the social ladder, the further they are away from the actual fighting.

Asian (Thai/Siam) Hitler on

Asian (Thai/Siam) Hitler on the rise? Some say that Hitler was also insane as well.

It people like Sondhi that makes Thai people look and smell rotten bad. Give him a suicidal pistol now before he got a hold of Thailand's quasi independence military.

Cambodia does not have

Cambodia does not have fighter jets but it has many SAM anti-arcrafts and shoulder anti-aircralf missiles (like the US Stingers) from Russia and China. Cambodia has almost 200,000 fighting men. They are not hollywood soldiers. They are real fighters. They are able to handdle the battlefields. The military leaders know well the US, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian and Vietnamese types of fightings. The yellow-shirts leaders should realize that Cambodian soldiers are not LIKE the unarmed RED SHIRTS who could be easily slaughtered by the Thai soldiers. Sondhi is now mentally ill and becomes insane. If the Thai people bow or follow this jerk's insanity, that makes the world to understand the insanity of the Thai People.

Well, last I look, Cambodia

Well, last I look, Cambodia had a bloated 130,000 troops in the pay role. After the demob, there were severals to clear out rank and file "ghost" soldiers, the number were much less these days. Surely the rebuilding of the "new and improved" a bit more professional RCAF helps, but not in the number, only in better trained fighting forces of no more than 90,000--no more. So perhaps 90K RCAF troops, poorly equip, to go against 300K, better armed and better supported RTAF troops--who may not really want to fight or even know how to fight to begin with.

Indeed, the best fighters are former KR ranks and files, made up the bulk of troops guarding the border, and they will take on 10 Thai soldiers each with over 40 years of war experience and big gut to back it up. Along with troop from RCAF 911 unit (red berret, set up similar to the Irqui republican Guards) and Samdech HS own loyal body guard unit, perhaps 1500 to 5000 loyal troops, commanded by Major General Hun Manet, which guard the rear.

So the case of better weapons and numbers against smaller but better fighting gut who is willing to fight and die. So who will do well and win? NO ONE! Both shall loose, regardless of the outcome. Ran

Sondhi wants to transform his

Sondhi wants to transform his street mobs to a real political party. His strategy to mobilize the people support is to raise the ultra-nationalism. Are the Yellow Shirts going to the borders to fight? Who are the real war victims, the Yellow Shirts in Bangkok? or the border Thai people and soldiers? Let the Yellow Shirts, Sondhi, Chamloang, go to fight and taste the real war in the dirty jungles of Cambodia.