Udon Thani red shirts denied bail

22 red shirts held in prison in Udon Thani have been denied bail, while 6 red shirts in Mukdahan have been granted bail to receive treatment for mental illness.

The red shirts were arrested under the Emergency Decree during and after the unrest on 19 May last year when provincial halls were burnt down.

On 28 Feb, lawyer Khanittha Ratthakan requested bail for 22 red shirts in Udon Thani with 11 million baht in cash as guarantee, or 500,000 baht each.

The provincial court dismissed the request on grounds that their alleged offences carry severe penalties and affect national security, and they might flee.

The lawyer will re-submit the bail requests next Monday.

In Mukdahan, last week, the provincial court granted bail to 6 red shirts so that they can receive treatment for mental illnesses developed during detention.  Lawyers from the People’s Information Centre will request bail for the remaining 6 detainees within this week.